11 Over-The-Top Festival Outfits You Can’t Miss!!!

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I’m Tawny (@progressive_plurprincess) and I am a raver and a fashion lover who loves her festival outfits! I have been raving since 2011, and I can honestly say that these have been the best years of my life. I credit Kaskade, Swedish House Mafia, and Avicii (R.I.P.) for introducing me to the most incredible music and culture EVER. (I’m not biased or anything ?) My first rave was Escape Halloween in 2011 (this year was my 8th year in a row!) However, it wasn’t until EDC 2012, that I felt my whole life change. I have met so many incredible people raving… People who have become my best friends. People who get me. I have had the privilege of traveling internationally to raves such as Tomorrowland Belgium, Zoukout Singapore, and Ultra Europe to name a few. It’s been an incredible journey so far…

Besides the amazing music and travel, my favorite part about raving is the FASHION!!! Festival fashion is so much fun. It’s an amazing way to express yourself. No rules, no judgments, just creativity at its finest. Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite costumes from past raves and all the info on them:

(1) Khaleesi:

This costume was custom made by the incredible Electric Laundry (@electriclaundry). It’s a bra and matching garter turned skirt. I paired it with some nude undies to give it a more seamless look. This was worn for night 1 of EDC Vegas 2016. Even after raving all night long, it’s still in great condition, which just goes to show how quality their products are!

(2) Princess Peach:

This costume was also created for EDC Vegas 2016 (Night 3) My rave crew is known as the Mario Crew so we did a Mario theme on the 3rd night. The incredible corset was custom made by once again, Electric Laundry. I found the perfect crown on Etsy. (Sadly, I don’t believe they’re in business anymore…but if u search “princess peach crown” a lot of similar ones will come up) My girlfriend actually made the half tutu for me by taking some light pink Vicky C undies and sewing pink tutu crinoline onto the inside and voila! I loved this one ? 

(3) EDC 2013 Mainstage Owl:

Oh man, this one is probably my most favorite if I really had to pick and that’s cuz it represents my favorite EDC stage ever created. The 2013 mainstage owl. I wore this for the first night of Nocturnal Wonderland 2016. Once again, the beautiful feather corset was created by Electric Laundry. The green undies were the perfect emerald color (from Victoria’s Secret) and the white fluffies were from my favorite costume store in Orange County, Wicked Chamber (@wickedchamber)! Bright is the owner there and she has helped me time and time again with accessorizing or even building a costume from scratch! If you live in SoCal, definitely check out her place. It’s a treasure trove!!

(4) MadMax:

Another super fun theme we did for Escape Halloween 2015, MadMax! The gold, feather corset was custom made by Electric Laundry (there’s clearly a running theme here lol) The gold shorts are from Wicked Chamber and the black Swarovski boots are Tecnica Moon boots! Now technically, those boots are meant for the snow lol but I have been raving in moon boots since 2013 and I absolutely love them! They are soft, super comfy and warm (for those chilly nights) Feels like you’re walking and dancing on pillows! I have them in numerous different colors! Highly recommend raving in them! 

(5) Merbae:

This one is extra AF which is why it’s probably one of my favs! I wore this for my birthday weekend at Beyond Wonderland SoCal in 2017. The one piece is all connected and was custom made by Electric Laundry. There’s Velcro built onto the inside of the torso piece that connects the bottoms to make it look like one flowing piece. The wings are from Wicked Chamber and they’re some of my favorite accessories at a rave. So fun to dance with! The headpiece is also from Wicked Chamber. Technically, it was a necklace. But I wanted a headpiece and it matched the costume so perfectly. So I just pinned it in all around my head, and it worked out great!

(6) Daisy:

This one was worn for the second night of EDC 2017 and was all made by Electric Laundry. It’s once again, all one piece and the photo doesn’t even really do it much justice. It was so beautiful in person with all the crystals! The pink flower headpiece is from Forever 21.

(7) Phoenix Firebird:

Another beautiful Electric Laundry piece is worn for Escape Halloween 2017. This is another bra with connecting torso piece onto a garter skirt. The red feathers were so beautiful!! I also added some red isis wings from Wicked Chamber to really capture the feel of a firebird haha. I personally love this piece so much!

(8) Egyptian & Roman Goddess

Most of my pieces are for actual raves which means I can be as ridiculous as I want lol however, we do attend Coachella every year which is a slightly different feel but still soooo much fun to create for. My 2 favorite pieces from my Coachella wardrobe are from day 1 and 2 of this past year. Look 1 was a dress ordered from @inthestyle. It’s a bodysuit with a connecting fringe skirt. The skirt used to go all the way around but when Coachella was approaching, I thought it would be fun to make it a half skirt and leave the front open. So I cut the fringe in the front off. I also added an amazing constellation headpiece from @brightstarrcouture off of Etsy. And found some super cute gold leaf gladiators off of Amazon. Was definitely going for a Roman goddess type of look here. My day 2 look was an incredible body armor one piece, crafted by the one and only Claudia Pink (@claudiapink) Worn only with some nude panties and nude pasties. She also created a matching headpiece for me. Be prepared to drop some serious cash on her pieces, but they are SO WORTH IT and made SO WELL! Based on the purplish, gold hues of the armor, I really wanted to finish it off with some thigh high, dark purple, suede flat boots. Went to Nordstrom’s rack and somehow found the perfect ones! This outfit found me on the page of Yahoo’s Boldest Coachella Outfits the next morning ?

(9) Queen of Hearts:

This is another favorite, worn first night of EDC 2018 this past year. The bra was custom made by Electric Laundry. I really wanted a collar too, so I ordered a red and black tutu skirt on Etsy. It came as a full skirt…I cut half of it, created the collar, sewed it on the back of the bra, and that did the trick. Then I took the other half of the skirt and sewed it onto the back of some red panties. That gave me a great half skirt with a train. The crown was an LED crown and was made by my wonderful (and super creative) friend Laura Murphy (@laurajmurph) She also made the matching scepter! Needless to say, there was a lot put into this costume and a lot of little pieces that brought it all together. One of my favorites to date!

(10) Peacock: 

This piece is stellar. It’s a feather corset and a matching jacket! Came as two separate pieces and was custom created by Peggy Chi (@just_p_chi) She is incredible. All the pieces she makes are handmade, custom and sooo creative. I found some matching undies at Victoria’s Secret and instead of doing a bra, dove into using pasties for the first time. Finished it off with some Gypsy Shrine jewels! Super fun (and super EXTRA lol) costume worn for the last night of EDC this year.

(11) Rainbow Bright:

Last, but definitely not least, was my Rainbow Bright theme from Escape just this past month. I think I have received the most comments, messages, and views from this one to date. This was a full body paint done by the absolutely INCREDIBLE Dehsarae (@Dehsonae) She is located in Riverside County, but services anywhere from LA to south OC. She was amazing. I got the idea for doing a rainbow theme after purchasing some serious sparkly neon rainbow boots from Dolls Kill (@dollskill) I knew I wanted to build a look around them. So she and I put our heads together and came up with a sparkly, rainbow bodysuit cut, all from paint and glitter. Her attention to detail is impeccable. The whole look took about 4 straight hours. We finished it off with a few jewel pieces from The Gypsy Shrine and a candy pink wig from @imstylewigs that really pulled everything together. Great quality and price for a synthetic, lace front wig. In fact, I loved it so much that I’ll be permanently going pink in the spring ? This was easily one of my favorites simply because it was so extra and so much fun to create from the ground up!

If any readers out there have any questions on my pieces, please feel free to message me! I love hearing from my followers and every once in a while, I will resell some of my pieces at seriously discounted rates. I also have a secondary account, @progressive_plur_fashionista that is dedicated solely to fashion and my festival looks ?

I’ll leave u with one last thing…don’t ever be afraid to make a piece your own. I have gotten pieces and cut them up, changed the way they attached, taken them to my local seamstress to have some easy adjustments made, just so they fit me and my body type perfectly. Learn what works for u and what looks best on your body and don’t be afraid to change things up a bit! 

PLUR BABIES and remember, don’t ever be afraid to wear what you love! It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring ? 


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