Bass Music Repost: Vicious Wolfe & JackEL – “Vicious Living”

Bass Music Repost: Vicious Wolfe & JackEL – “Vicious Living”


-Read below to hear her perspective on what Vicious Living is about


The Story:

” Vicious Living is basically about how I’m living. In the world we live in today people encounter a lot of beings that are cold, manipulative, or plain out liars. Being highly aware of that with the situations I’ve been through, I put up my guard to keep myself safe from the people that try to pull me down. I keep my mind and heart open to the real ones that execute loyalty and compassion. 

Vicious Living is basically doing you, ignoring the low vibrations and going where the love is to stay focused and follow your dreams. That’s why I chose 10/10 to release my first single! In numerology 1010 is about being driven by divine focus, and positive frequencies to draw that positive energy back to your life. That’s what Im all about and JackEL helped me channel my message by producing the perfect instrumental for me to flow too, so BIG UPS to JackEL for understanding my vision and putting in the time and energy to making Vicious Living come to life! BIG UPS to Fong Lo for the videography and video editing — “Vicious Living” music video drops on 10/10! “

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