The Spirit Of Electric Forest

Electric Forest: A Magical Place For All

For the past seven summers, Electric Forest has brought an uncanny and rather boisterous gathering in a large patch of woods at The Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan. In other words, each year, thousands of souls migrate for a weekend or two, to squawk loudly amongst their flock – typically, until they lose their voice. The weirdest part of it all is that somehow everyone already seems to know each other. While it may come as a shock – I’m here to tell you – the truth is, they in fact do.

Anyone who has attended Electric Forest is well aware of the difficulty of the task I am about to take on. Trying to explain something so powerfully intangible, presents quite the challenge. Perhaps this is why the spirit of Sherwood Forest vibrates at such an extraordinarily high frequency.

One of the entrances into Sherwood Forest

The moment I took my first step into the Sherwood Forest, I knew there was nothing in the world that could compare to the energy that washed over me. It felt as though I had entered a dream state; even the air I was breathing felt mystical. Whirlwinds of emotions began dancing in an excitatory frenzy, fusing together as one. In all honesty, I think I may have had a, ‘reverse black-out,’ from the amount of light that was emanating from both around and within me. My human consciousness had never seen, nonetheless experienced, anything of this magnitude before. When I finally came to after the initial shock – a shock that electrified every fiber of my being – I found myself rejuvenated and cleansed. Looking back, I am certain that this phenomenon was the spirit of the forest awakening my soul. This instantaneous transformation is an undoubtedly collective, shared experience.

Inspirational signs are posted on trees throughout Sherwood Forest, much like the one pictured above

At Electric Forest, you will never come across a person who isn’t a wearing a smile, beaming from ear to ear. Inhibitions dissolve, doors unlock, and chains untether, leaving absolutely nothing in the way of you expressing your truth. An overwhelming amount of acceptance and joy exudes from every life source. Laughter spreads like wildfire, igniting sparks of youthful wonder and awe. The breeze whispers sweetly, speaking the universal language as old as time – love. If there is such a thing as Utopia, I am certain it is Electric Forest.

As heartbreaking as it may feel to part ways after these four enchanting days, rest assured, the spirit of the forest lives on. The bonds you make at Electric Forest are eternally engraved on your heart. Your union with the forest and all of the souls within it will never be broken. The spirit of the forest travels with you wherever you go, becoming a part of your toroidal flow. It ascends into a love of the most divine, connecting each and every member of your newfound tribe. I promise this is true, because the spirit of the forest has, and will always be you.

Fellow ‘Forest Family,’ members posing with the festival’s police force

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