Our Story...

The Festival Voice team is a collective of experienced festival goers who have traveled far and wide to attend festivals of various types, all across the globe. After attending so many different events in so many different countries, we noticed many simple things that could use improvements. Things that most large-scale production companies don't even think about. We decided to stand up and make a change about it, not only for our favorite festivals but also for our planet.

Our Approach...

Our philosophy is that you remember the people you were dancing with more than you remember the artist on stage. That is why our approach as a media company is completely different than most others. We focus on showcasing attendees and doing on-site interviews with people just like you at every single festival we cover. We feel that you matter just as much as the artist on stage or the company that put the event on. With The Festival Voice on your side, your voice can finally be heard!

Our Vision...

We simply want to see everyone having the most fun possible, in the safest environment possible, while still being green and sustainable. With your help and feedback, we will finally be able to raise the overall fan experience at events worldwide and make an impact on sustainability at festivals all over. We believe that every festival should be memorable from the moment you walk through the gates, all the way until you get home.


Meet the Team

Behind every successful business is a team of skilled and dedicated people just like you. Here you can learn about everyone on the team and their role in The Festival Voice. Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.

Festival Voice

Sam O'Shay

Founder / President / CEO

Sam is a passionate visionary who is determined to make a positive change in the world. Born in California and traveling his whole life, he has a unique perspective on the world. Utilizing his years in Project Management and the knowledge from his various travels, he started up TFV to change the way the way people from all over the world experience their favorite festivals.


Rae Van


Rae Van fell in love this scene by accident. One of her friends convinced her to go to this crazy dubstep show (she barely knew what dubstep was, let alone Excision) and she fell in love with the music and scene. That following summer, she went to three festivals despite not knowing who any of the artists were. Rae was born and raised in the Midwest and travels constantly for shows and festivals. Her love for creative writing and this scene fuels her writing. You can usually catch her at the dubstep stage at any major festival.


Esmerelda Flores


Esmeralda is a young, creative and passionate photographer and videographer focused on creating long lasting memories and capturing every memorable moment on film. As she travels to different festivals, she hopes to share her experience interviewing festival goers, bringing you along on a special and unique perspective. Please join her on her adventures and letting you see the festival community and culture through her lens.


Hayley Roukin


Hayley has always been a big part of the music scene. Starting with her first warped tour in 2008 to her first festival in 2017 - she's been passionate about the coming together for a musical celebration. In college she discovered her love for writing and this blog has allowed her to bring these two things together. Coming from Michigan, Hayley has enjoyed the midwest and even enjoyed some festivals in the Netherlands. She hopes to continue spreading the warmness she's felt at festivals through her writing.


Tanya Czuchra


Tanya is a journalist and artist currently based in Arizona. She travels around the country to cover festivals, focusing on interviewing festivalgoers to better understand and share their experiences. Along with writing articles and reviews, she also hosts workshops and vends her art at festivals.


Chris Brown


Chris Brown is an English professor from Orlando who writes at the intersection of his own cultures and the festival cultures we create together. Being Potawatomi, a tribe native to the Chicago lakefront region, means seeing festivals as one of the few places where music and dance still lead people to peace. Being a queer person means seeing festivals as the start of a new and better world, one where we all have the space to be ourselves.

Festival Voice

AmberLynn Anderson

Journalist / Photographer

AmberLynn is an experienced journalist based out of Virginia. Working with local publications like the Roanoke Times in Roanoke, Virgina and national publication. She has experience in local and national coverage of events and festivals, as well as artist interviews. She enjoys writing, painting, hula hooping and traveling in her free time.


CJ Gates

Social Media Manager

CJ went to her first music festival in 2016, but fell in love with the scene at VooDoo 2018. She is a student, a traveler, and the social content manager for TFV. CJ has been to festivals throught the U.S. and Europe, her favorite (so far) being Electric Forest. Her favorite part about her work is creating frienships with people who choose to connect lovingly under music.


Vinhcent Nguyen


Vinhcent is the editor and videographer. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. Vinhcent has worked in all sorts of field work, weddings, commercials, short films, and events. His passion leans more towards electronic music festivals. This includes capturing moments you'll only see once in a lifetime, the moments that you'll remember forever looking back on your past. Moments like these need to be recorded to remind ourselves to live in the moment and show off the best in us.

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