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We're Different

The Festival Voice is a team of dedicated festival goers and music lovers working together to completely change the way people experience festivals, but we need your help. This team of devoted writers has started a completely different type of media outlet that is focused on being the voice of the people at large festivals, rather than the artists or the overall franchise of the festival. While our team will still be giving honest festival reviews and doing artist interviews, we will also be interviewing attendees at every festival we cover. We believe that your voice matters, and we want to make your voice heard!

We're Different

The Festival Voice is a team of dedicated festival goers and music lovers working together to completely change the way people experience festivals, but we need your help. This team of devoted writers has started a completely different type of media outlet that is focused on being the voice of the people at large festivals, rather than the artists or the overall franchise of the festival. While our team still be giving honest festival reviews and doing artist interviews, we will also be interviewing attendees at every festival we cover. The Festival Voice also features an entire blog page that lets readers just like you post articles directly to our website. We believe that your voice matters, and we want to make your voice heard!

Do You Remember...

Do you remember the first time you walked into a festival? Waiting in the lines for security and finally getting your first taste of the people? Can you remember your heart racing as you walked towards the loud music and the brightly lit stage? Can you remember thinking, “I get it now” when you were talking to your friend that dragged you along to that event? Do you now thank them for talking you into going? Do you want to help someone else experience that same feeling?

More Than a Blog...

The Festival Voice provides targeted consumer insights and feedback in real-time to festival promoters, production companies, and vendors all over the world. Our goal is to raise the overall fan experience at large events by getting with attendees and conducting short surveys about what they want form their favorite festivals. Once the festival is over we conduct social media polls and email surveys. We compile all this feedback so that the festival can then use it to improve their event the following year. The Festival Citizens page/app is a new type of social media platform that we are working on that is specifically designed for festival goers like YOU! It will feature a forum for you to organize meet-ups, ride-shares, buy/sell/trade festival gear, and so much more! It will also feature an entire blog page that lets readers just like you post articles directly to our website and create a following. It'll feature curated playlists based on your upcoming festivals and a whole lot more! The Festival Voice focuses on the true headliner, YOU, and now you truly do have a say in how festivals can change for the better.

Meet the Team

Behind every successful business is a team of skilled and dedicated people just like you. Here you can learn about everyone on the team and their role in The Festival Voice. Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.

Meet the Team

Behind every successful business is a team of skilled and dedicated people just like you. Here you can learn about everyone on the team and their role in The Festival Voice. Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Savannah Rae

Owner / CEO / Senior Editor

Savannah fell in love this scene by accident. One of her friends convinced her to go to this crazy dubstep show (she barely knew what dubstep was, let alone Excision) and she fell in love with the music and scene. That following summer, she went to three festivals despite not knowing who any of the artists were. Savannah was born and raised in the Midwest and travels constantly for shows and festivals. Her love for creative writing and this scene fuels her writing. You can usually catch her at the dubstep stage at any major festival.


Ben Stebens

Co-Owner / Customer Relations Specialist

Ben has been going to shows since 2010 but his first festival, EDC Chicago, was in 2013. He loves vibing to chill music such as GRiZ and raging hard to dubstep like Excision. Ben's favorite part about going to shows and festivals is meeting new people and talking to them. He loves the community and the connection at festivals.


Hannah Heilman

Web Designer

Hannah comes from Detroit, which has been influential in forming her love of techno and house music. She travels around the country to see her most favorite DJs perform as often as she can. Her favorite events are Electric Forest in western Michigan and Movement in Detroit. Her career in GIS and IT gives her the necessary background to help with the website design for The Festival Voice.

Dominque Alexi

Dominique Alexi

Web Designer

Dominique can be found wherever the music is. She believes transcendental experiences come from live music, in the form of unity and connection with others, in the emotional resonance and the cathartic release, and in the immersive journey into a timeless space where only the music and the moment exist. Eager to capture these impactful moments, she aspires to convey the fulfillment she finds in festivals, concerts, and shared musical journeys. Dominique looks forward to attending more transformational festivals and sharing her experiences. In addition to her journalistic and photographic pursuits, her software development experience allows her to assist with website maintenance and design.


Hayley Roukin

Social Media Manager

Hayley has always been a big part of the music scene. Starting with her first warped tour in 2008 to her first festival in 2017 — she's been passionate about the coming together for a musical celebration. In college she discovered her love for writing and this blog has allowed her to bring these two things together. Coming from Michigan, Hayley has enjoyed the Midwest and even enjoyed some festivals in the Netherlands. She hopes to continue spreading the warmness she's felt at festivals through her writing.


Jolie Doctoroff

Business Manager

Jolie is a Colorado native and Red Rocks has been her second home. Since she was in 8th grade she has been seeing a wide variety of artists but her favorite is Sullivan King. In March 2023 she met him for his Thrones of Blood tour and got his signature tattooed! She feels lucky to have found such a fun-loving community with EDM. 


Vinhcent Nguyen

Head of Videography

Vinhcent is the editor and videographer. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. Vinhcent has worked in all sorts of field work, weddings, commercials, short films, and events. His passion leans more towards electronic music festivals. This includes capturing moments you'll only see once in a lifetime, the moments that you'll remember forever looking back on your past. Moments like these need to be recorded to remind ourselves to live in the moment and show off the best in us.


America Maples

Junior Editor

America has valued EDM music since she heard her first electronic song in 2013. For her, it started at the age of twelve by listening to Flight by Tristam and Jai Wolf on Soundcloud. Her love for the music made her feel like a ball of energy. She wanted to share that same feeling with her softball teammates who were in the car with her. America mentions growing up that she had no one who acted like she did: energized and talkative. Though she shares, "Going to my first festival seriously saved me from a depressive state; I felt alone until I went into my first EDM GA pit. Now I have family everywhere who love me for who I am." Now an adult, America can share her love for EDM as a journalist for The Festival Voice. Using her communication degree, she connects with ravers to understand their passion and how EDM has impacted them.


Esmeralda Flores

Esmeralda Flores is a dedicated photographer and videographer with a fervent desire to encapsulate the essence of moments through her lens. Navigating the world with a camera in hand, Esmeralda is on a continuous mission to freeze-frame the beauty, emotion, and authenticity that surrounds us. From intimate portraits to dynamic video narratives, her work aims to craft visual tales that resonate and leave a lasting impression. Welcome to Esmeralda's visual journey, where every frame tells a unique story.

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Stephanie Heath

Stephanie is a Florida native who left the sand behind for the city of Atlanta to pursue her artistic career as a photographer. She specializes in photographing concerts, festivals, and music portraits. In 2019, she won "Best Photographer" by Creative Loafing Reader's Picks.


Adam Smith

Adam has been a lover of music for 20 years and an avoid concert goer for ten. He feel I love in with the scene back in his home state of Minnesota but now resides in Denver, Colorado. When he discovered his passion for photography, the two seemed like a perfect pair and has been shooting shows the last three years. He also has expertise in landscape, travel, and commercial event photography. 

Korbin Austin

Korbin Austin

Korbin is a multifaceted artist, photographer, and part 107 licensed drone pilot based in the Southwest. He has been active in the rave scene for 12 years and photographs raves, festivals, and live performances for the last 10 years. Korbin is a film photography enthusiast and has been bringing “festivals in film” to life, photographing with his traditional (35mm/medium format) and instant film cameras. Drum’n’Bass is life and Korbin is excited for the steadily growing DNB scene in the U.S.


Xander Beaumont

Xander has been attending music festivals since he was born. His first festival was Bumbershoot 1993 where he attended as a baby in a backpack but his first exposure to the EDM scene was Hard Summer 2013. He has been a photographer since high school, and has been working music media since Spring of 2018. In 2022, he branched into videography and video editing as well. Whether it be old-school or new-school, Xander loves attending shows to work, create or just dance with any and all who will join him. With almost 1,000 unique artists seen live under his belt, he hopes to stay in the music/festival scene for as long as possible.

Justin Bray

Justin Bray

Justin initially began his photography journey by capturing images of his pets because they are his life! He also captured some weddings. However, today, he proudly identifies himself as a live music photographer. This transformation is solely due to his deep connection with music. The way it has the power to alter moods is an unparalleled sensation, and he finds something truly extraordinary in capturing artists and festival-goers in moments of genuine happiness. Time is an uncontrollable force, but through his lens, he freezes it and grants people the ability to cherish those moments forever. This, without a doubt, is the most rewarding aspect of his job!

Nick Apostalon

Nick Apostalon

At 24, Nick is a dynamic videographer and photographer, capturing life's moments through his lens. Having a special eye for detail and crafting stories. Graduating from the University of New Mexico in Film and Digital Arts. Electronic music has been an important part of his life. The journey for music festivals began in 2017 with Decadence Colorado. His heart has the urge to meet people, share stories, explore, and travel. He specializes in cinematography and transforms chaotic moments, subtle details, and cultural whispers into visual poetry. Nick invites you on an immersive journey with every click, turning ordinary moments into remarkable memories.


Kimberly Feist

Kimberly is a Montana local that finds her second home in the music scene. Her portfolio includes a variety of festivals and concerts, such as Bass Canyon, Beyond Wonderland, Area 406 and Freakers Ball; featuring artists such as NERO, ATLiens, Sullivan King, Walking Corpse Syndrome, and more. Kimberly’s favorite things to capture are Kandi trades, PLUR interactions, as well as artist/attendee connections.


Daniel Karasek

Daniel fell in love with festivals after he attended Music Midtown 2011 as his first festival. With over a decade since then, he has attended dozens of festivals. Daniel has a passion for writing that started off as a hobby when he covered shows at the old Masquerade in Atlanta back in 2015. He has covered many shows since then and now occasionally writes for Immersive Atlanta. Daniel also has experience in data analytics as he is a data engineer for a consulting company. His ultimate goal is to always attend more festivals than years he's been alive.


Rebekah Gillas

Beka is an outgoing, caring, free spirit who loves to connect with strangers on the dance floor. California bred and Atlanta made, she has been attending festivals for over a decade and travels around the world following the music. She is a passionate creative, fashionista, social media expert, content creator, writer, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate. Festivals have changed her life by cultivating a space full of abundant love, expression, acceptance, and deeper connections. Some of her favorite artists are ODESZA, GRiZ, and Illenium. “You are exactly where you need to be” is her motto and she loves sharing her adventures and experiences with others through her lens.

Hannah Falls

Hannah Falls

Hannah grew up in Colorado and had Red Rocks practically in her backyard so her love for EDM was able to flourish- beginning with her first show, Global Dub, at Red Rocks in 2016. Since then, she's attended hundreds of shows and has made her way to bigger festivals such as EDC, Lost Lands, Hard Summer, Gold Rush, and Decadence. She prides herself in loving a multitude of genres- everything from house to dubstep to riddim to bass to techno, she loves it all! She's seen so many amazing artists who have helped to develop her pure love for this music, but her favorites would have to be LSDREAM, GRiZ, and Subtronics. She's so thankful for the euphoria that EDM has brought to her life and hopes to continue to share her love for this music and scene through her writing and stories. Let's all spread more love, light, and higher vibrations into this world as we share our love for EDM and all the beauty and people it's brought into our lives!

Mikel Cobo

Mikel Cobo

Mikel Cobo is a 21 year old collegiate hockey player who adores every single aspect of electronic music. He was born in Mexico City into a Spanish family. His favorite type of EDM music is definitely everything bass related but his heart and soul belongs to ODESZA and Slander. The very first concert he attended was NGHTMRE when he was 15. His older brother is the biggest reasons he loves EDM since he is a Producer/DJ and Icon collective graduate. He introduced him to everything he knows about music and he took him to my first festival (EDCLV). Ever since he had his first experience raving he knew this was going to be a huge part of my life, and that is precisely why he loves to write and share experiences from festivals. He wants to share the wonderful, incomparable experience that comes with being part of the culture of raving!


Cheo Eliseo

CHEO is an Orange County-based artist, writer, and sound bowl practitioner. He came into the festival scene through ecstatic dance events and wellness retreats that emphasized the healing power of sound. CHEO's early exposure to music was saturated by '90s house legends like Daft Punk, Arman van Helden, and Carl Cox. Although he claims “my first love is classic house music”, CHEO adds that he “belongs to the sounds of his people”. His indigenous and Latino heritage ignites his passion for sounds that feel like home. Genres like tribal house and Latin beats are things that keep him tied to the dancefloor. CHEO loves meeting new friends and “cutting that rug” all night. 



Deni has felt a deep love of music her entire adult life. She has always been an avid festival-goer. Her love of music began with rock bands like Motionless In White, Korn, and Beartooth through the Warped Tour festival. As her music tastes changed and she became exposed to various genres of EDM, she discovered her passion for the unique sounds of dubstep. Her Bachelor's in Anthropology allows her to offer a unique perspective of human connection in the EDM community and share an understanding of the values and bonds among ravers.

Shiven Saxena

Shiven Saxena

After having loved EDM (dubstep/trap/house/melodic/electro) since his younger days, Shiven fell absolutely in love with the rave/festival scene after being introduced to it by some of his close friends at Virginia Tech. Fun fact: His first festival was Lost Lands ’19! Shiven was born and raised in New Delhi, India and has been living in the US for the past 7 years. Being creative, Shiven also produces music as a hobby under the name “Flipped” and makes video/animation work – while being a professor of digital arts! You can often catch him at shows with his rave fam on the East Coast (DMV area).


Sante Guajardo

Sante started his festival journey back in 2016 at Sun City Music Festival in El Paso, Texas. “Roses” by The Chainsmokers was the catalyst that led to a love for the ever-evolving electronic music scene. Sante’s love for music has shifted and changed over the years and you’ll most likely find him at your local Boiler Room-esque concert or a lesser known Indie artist on the festival lineup. He believes that music and photography are universal languages and he’s excited to share his vision through The Festival Voice.


Yoselin Moreno

Yoselin is a photographer based in Memphis, TN. Yoselin attended her first music festival in 2015 and has traveled all over the U.S. to experience how music can bring everyone together. She recently earned her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and has fallen in love with photographing and writing about music. 


Marcus Beronilla

Marcus's passion for photography encompasses a diverse range, from capturing portraits and landscapes to documenting travels. However, it was his first festival experience that ignited a profound transformation in his approach to photography. He was immediately captivated by the unique atmosphere and electrifying energy, feeling an instant calling to capture these moments through his lens. He subsequently delved into concert photography, driven by a mission to immortalize the raw emotions and transformative experiences that festivals offer. Eager to continue his journey, Marcus looks forward to attending more festivals, storytelling and ensuring that these moments are preserved for years to come, inviting others to relive the magic and emotion of festival experiences through his photography.


Tanya Czuchra

Tanya Czuchra lives in Payson, Arizona and has been writing for The Festival Voice for a little over 5 Years. She has traveled the country attending festivals for the past ten years, vending her art, teaching workshops, and exploring. She recently became a mother and now enjoys going to festivals as a family. In her spare time she loves hiking around the Mogollon Rim region of Arizona, working in her garden, and making new elk antler jewelry. She loves music festivals for the atmosphere, the unique art installations and the classes that teach so many new things; and some of her favorite artists are Clozee, Moontricks, Griz, Beat Antique and Tash Sultana.


Cat Ziggy

Cat Ziggy is an artist who crash landed in the Midwest and grew up surrounded by corn fields and cows. Although she considers her Midwest roots very boring, this exact environment is what allowed her to cultivate the world through her own lens and develop her taste of art. Rarely ever seen without a camera, Cat has been a photographer for 15 years and has heavily immersed herself into music and festival culture for over a decade, closely working with many artists and festivals in the Midwest region. She is known for her vibrant, crisp coloring, light distortion, and psychedelic editing style. She feels no greater joy than using the magic of a camera to freeze a perfect moment in time, capturing its energy and essence through her eyes to be appreciated forever. 


Guillermo Cabello Navarro

Guillermo has been lucky enough to get to know amazing people. Some of them have been teachers, friends, family, friends that just left a scratch in his mind, and some strangers that have inspired him. When he was 9, his older brother showed him the 2012 Tomorrowland after movie, and his life was turned into an eternal after movie. He’s grown with all kinds of music, and he learned that he could use his love for music to inspire his photography. He’s excited to give his photography a new view of how music can bring people together no matter where we are from, and he’s sharing his journey through social media.


Anthony Cavale

Anthony was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He started to take photos shortly after he graduated high school. It didn’t take him long to realize this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He graduated from Arizona State University with a film and media production degree in pursuit of being a filmmaker. While being a movie director is his ultimate goal he never forgot his first love which is music. Music is why he decided to go down a filmmaking/photography route, and nothing makes him more happy than photographing/recording live music!


Juliet See

Juliet is an Arizona native who fell in love with EDM back in 2018, the summer after graduating high school. One of her friends convinced her to buy tickets for a show at the Van Buren where Slushii was playing and after that night she was instantly hooked!  She immediately purchased tickets for her first festival, Hard Summer 2019 where she met unforgettable friends and fell in love with the people, outfits, and atmosphere. Over the years she has continued attending large festivals, her favorites being EDCLV and Beyond Wonderland SoCal. With time she discovered her love for house music, specifically tech house and bass house. Some of her favorite DJs to see at festivals are Wax Motif, Chris Lake, and Mau P. Her favorite part about festivals is making memories with her best friends and also finding new friends along the way. EDM has forever changed her life and she hopes to share her love for the music in her writing. 


Alissa Gonzalez

Alissa’s journey into the vibrant world of EDM began with a single transformative moment: at the age of 13, she found herself utterly captivated by the pulsating beats of "Say My Name" by ODESZA. Growing up, EDM was like a hidden treasure in her social circles, rarely understood or appreciated. However, once she stepped into college, she was suddenly surrounded by a sea of ravers and enthusiasts, opening her eyes to a whole new universe of music. But it wasn't until she turned 22 that she finally took the plunge into the festival scene, with Coachella being her inaugural experience. The diverse array of genres, from EDM to rap and R&B, enveloped her senses in an unforgettable embrace. It was at Coachella where she witnessed the enchanting magic of live performances, especially those by two friends and knock2, which ignited an even deeper passion for EDM within her. From then on, Alissa was drawn deeper into the embrace of rave culture, leading me to her first rave festival, Apocalypse in Long Beach. Amidst the chaos of pounding bass and swirling lights, she found her true calling as a bass head, delving further into the realms of dubstep and heavy bass music. Her journey from that first encounter with "Say My Name" to the depths of the bass scene has been a thrilling odyssey of self-discovery. Now, she’s thrilled to share my experiences and insights with fellow enthusiasts on this electrifying ride. 

Festival Voice

Stewart Sankey

Site Reliability Engineer / Former CTO / CEO Sankey Designs

Stewart has always had a passion for dancing and clubbing and spent most of his early 20s living it up in his local college town. One weekend in late 2014, he was dancing in public when some girl came up and started dancing with him. They immediately became best friends. This girl had only recently fallen in love with the EDM scene herself and before long, Stewart found himself going to festivals and concerts with his newfound group of friends. He sometimes thinks about how crazy life can be. That a random person you meet can lead to you discovering your favorite artists, dubstep, and so many other amazing experiences.

Stewart operates behind the scenes. He makes sure that the website stays up and is responsible for the website's overall look and feel. On occasion he may even write an article or two.

Also, this section is a secret. So don't tell anyone okay.