Ahee Helps Your Future Escape

Ahee takes you to outer space in new Circus Records EP Future Escape

Get ready to go to outer space. Ahee presents 8 track EP ‘Future Escape’, a mind-blowing set of alien bass music straight from the outer reaches of space. It’s the perfect amount of wubs to blast you off to space.


Apart from releasing tracks on Circus, Subsidia, LoFreq, and many more, Ahee has been tearing up countless livestream sets and sharing his serious music production skills with the world. His Youtube channel is filled with enthusiastic and well-respected tutorials which inspire producers around the globe. 


The album features recent Circus smashes ‘I Feel It’ with Defunk and ‘Loner Stoner’. Stylust also jumps on board for the massively amped-up ‘Flip The Switch’ after the two teamed up on ’Hard In The Paint’. ‘When You’re Dead’ features Heartwurkz, the Livetronica group formed by Ahee and Singer-Songwriter Ash Tree. The duo brings together future bass and uplifting lyrics for something truly special. This album is something special indeed!


‘It’s A Vibe’, ‘Losing Control’ and ‘Non Stop/So Loud’ are a few more explosive stops on the journey, and we close on a high with Ahee’s take on ‘Ooba’ by Circus’ own Conrank. The remix takes the energy of the original to places in the galaxy never heard before. 


The EP shows Ahee’s cosmic imagination and genre-wrecking skills at their finest. Who knows where he’ll take us next. I saved this album, did you?
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