Ameli Paul Releases Beyond Reason


Ameli Paul has been busy lately. They have just now unveiled their beautiful new EP, Beyond Reason. MEIOSIS, the newly created label, is responsible for gracing us with this epic new EP. Beyond Reason is a melancholic trip for all the people longing out there. 

Ameli and Paul were created through a chance encounter. In 2016, the two met and felt they should meld their music styles and approaches together. As a result, the amazing production from Paul and Ameli’s gorgeous voice creates intoxicating tracks. The duo has been working to evolve their performance throughout their journey together. They aim for electronic sounds that lead the listener on a cinematic journey but also love the pop-like song structures. You’ll get lost in the gorgeous tracks that include captivating vocals, stunning guitars, and synthesizers. 

beyond reason

Ameli Paul are no strangers to the renowned clubs and festivals around the world. They are capable of casting a spell that captivates their audience in no time. Listeners’ hearts are drawn to the unique sounds. You’ll fall in love.

Now, Ameli Paul have been working to create an EP that showcases their talents and musical variety. Beyond Reason starts with a breathtaking opener. Open Fire highlights Ameli’s amazing and unique voice and shares their longing for the open world. Next, Beyond Reason starts by bringing up self-doubts before transforming into a song full of hope. Both tracks connect electronic music with gorgeous vocals full of life. Finally, we see a remix of Beyond Reason from Area. This changes the track spectacularly. MEIOSIS’ first release is truly a magical one.


Open Fire (Original Mix)
Beyond Reason (Original Mix)
Beyond Reason (Aera Remix)

Listen to the EP now!


Check out a live performance here!