Get Ready for the Second Minecraft Festival!!!

Did anyone watch last night’s Beyond Wonderland Virtual Rave a Thon??? Shout out to Pasquale for setting that up. Seriously, it was amazing and I loved all the “sanitized hands” jokes. Good times! But now, are you ready for a MINECRAFT festival???

Minecraft Festival? Say WHAT?? Barely Alive, 12th Planet, Bandlez, Eliminate, Fox Stevenson, Infekt, Modestep, Oliverse, Samplifire, Terravita, Virtual Riot, and Virus Syndicate will all be topping that lineup! There are tons of other names on this epic lineup as well. If you are a bass head, this festival is for you.


How Do I Join?

There are a couple of ways to join in on this epic party. First off, if you own Minecraft on the computer and hold that Java edition, go be a part of the virtual crowd during this show. If you don’t have Minecraft, there will be plenty of ways to stream this festival as well. I’m hearing some rumors about Twitch as well as possibly Youtube. I am thinking that link at the bottom might also possibly be the stream… but honestly, I’m not sure at this point! I wasn’t a part of the first edition, but it sure looks epic, doesn’t it??

Seriously, I want to give a HUGE shout out to all the artists who are playing here- as well as to Insomniac who put on Beyond last night. We are all heartbroken that we cannot attend our favorite shows and festival at this point. But we know that this is for humanity’s sake and the right thing to do. Thank you so much for thinking of ways that you can support the scene and those of us who wish we could still go out! To everyone out there- please stay safe!

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