Barkley Will Help You Bask In The Afterglow


Sirup Music has seen some epic critically acclaimed releases recently. For instance, this includes Can’t Take It, Underwater, Last Chance, and Supernatural. Now, Barkley is releasing his stunning single, Afterglow. Sirup Music is taking us to new levels!


The track is out now. Afterglow has Barkley team up with Canadian singer Maggie Szabo. This is their first debut collaboration. The duo teams up to create an amazing masterpiece that is euphoric and upbeat. You’ll be dancing in no time! This duo should collaborate more often!

The track begins with Maggie’s amazing voice. It collaborates with Barkley’s warm, off-beat synthesizes. Then, you see a rising tension that grows throughout the track before four-four rhythms and melodies take control. This three-minute track is one you won’t want to miss. You’ll bask in the Afterglow with this track. Check it out!


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Barkley – Afterglow (feat. Maggie Szabo) is out now via Sirup Music.

Check the track out here!



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