Beyond Wonderland is Here

Southern California is starting 2024’s season at the NOS center with its infamous festival, Beyond Wonderland, an 18+ EDM-focused Alice in Wonderland festival. GA and GA+ are sold out for both days, but there are still available VIP tickets which are highly worth the purchase. An upgrade from a GA ticket to a VIP is about $180 and if there is any temptation, a review of VIP for Insomniac events can be found here. With festival tickets secured and a desire to keep the party going, the Insomniac-hosted afterparties are on site and go from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. on both nights. There are still plenty of after-party tickets for both nights, coming out to roughly $100 if you buy for both nights or $65 for one night, with taxes roughly included. See here for exact prices and ticket offers. 

A picture of a stage from a Insomniac event taken by Ryan Lester displaying a stage one could expect at Beyond Wonderland 2024.
Ryan Lester for Insomniac Events

The hype Southern California has for techno and its scene is evergrowing, so expect to see Sara Landry and Eli Brown having their stages packed with festival attendees. 

Bass heads, Insomniac didn’t forget about you. Aside from Techno fans loving Eli Brown and more, Subtronics is one fans are always excited to see on the lineup, especially when, just last year, Subtronics went back-to-back with Excision at Bass Canyon 2023. 

There are plenty of names on the list that are one not to miss, like Tupac Techno, who has support from Phil, the creator of the app Radiate (an app for ravers to connect), urging Beyond Wonderland attendees to see Tupac Techno at his set during the weekend.

These collaborations between artists, no matter what genre, keep fans excited and desiring to see another set month after month or season after season to see new visuals and drops and meet new people in the crowd. 

Nonetheless, seeing who attends the after-parties to kick off the festival season and meet new people who might be our newest lines of doctors, lawyers, accountants, and more will be exciting.