Crush Arizona: A Night Of Romance In The Desert

Valentine’s Day is a day it would be safe to agree anyone who doesn’t live under a rock would be aware of yearly and with a wide range of things to do to celebrate love or new found freedom for those who went in search of love, this was my 3rd Crush event with my first two occurring in San Francisco since as a SoCal resident I wanted to experience something new outside of the Nos Events Center of San Bernardino. To change up things the third time around I left my place from Los Angeles county the day prior to the event with 3 good friends of mine who like me have grown tired of the same venue and same crowd dilemma that comes with having so many options in the Los Angeles county area which unfortunately, for us “older” ravers in the scene it has become more of the same place, same face at each event.

Kaskade on a lineup had me sold!

Most of the names on the lineup for Crush I had been either unfamiliar with or only knew maybe 1-3 singles at most by each name on the lineup. As I attend more events I am more open to new music in this case the name that sold me on the event was “Kaskade” whom I had witnessed for my first time ever at EDC Orlando 2018 where he performed an epic sundown set that may of been truly the best performance of that entire weekend!!

Ironically this trip was my idea and I nearly sat at home and missed out due to a recent breakup and the emotional rollercoaster that always follows losing someone you care about regardless of who’s fault it is. Two of my friends attending had gotten engaged at an event and are planning to marry soon so for them Crush was a celebration of their unity while my other friend like me was single however, he had gone from being an emotional mess when she left to being impressed with his own progress and fortunately for me he convinced me to “put on my big boy pants and just come” which I didn’t argue.

A valentine’s themed Photo Booth was a popular attraction for friends as well as lovers.

There were several little details that added to the appeal of the valentine’s themed rave including heart shaped balloons by the bar and even a giant tree in the middle of the venue which was cut in the shape of a heart which unfortunately, I missed out on taking a picture but it was a marvelous sight seeing couples carve their names into the tree hoping that each day is as good as the present. The alcohol as well was themed with various names adding to the theme one was called “Love potion” which I actually ordered from the bar as a joke and offered sips to my friends

One of the other moments that made this night unique for me and my friend who had convinced me to come was by some miracle I won a meet and greet with “Crankdat” who was performing that night who I had discovered from his remix of “Feel Good” by Ilenium which I tend to play more than the original even! I was able to bring one friend with me so I figured I would bring my friend who convinced me to come and led me this present moment.

Having met some of the other attendees who won the contest also and forming new friendships my squad combined squads with other attendees since before the night ended we had encountered other ravers from other events we had met previously. By the time Kaskade closed the night the feels were real and love was in the air. Having seen Kaskade now for my second time and seeing him truly having fun on stage and getting down to throwing down for a large crowd, proves without a doubt why he is one of the most respected names in the industry.

For those who have never been to the Rawhide Events Center were Crush was held I would highly suggest attending at least once and with Phoenix Lights around the corner that would be a good first event as that was my first Arizona event back in 2017.