9 Reasons To Attend EDC Las Vegas 2018

Electric Daisy Carnival, better known as EDC, is coming back to Las Vegas in less than one month. In its 22nd year (8th year at the current location, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway), this massive electronic music festival is Insomniac Events’ crown jewel… And for good reason. Drawing over 130,000 attendees per day during the last few editions and dotted with carnival rides and 8 completely unique state-of-the-art stages, EDC is possibly one of the largest, most eclectic dance parties you could ever come across.

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While many people religiously attend every year no matter what, some are still on the edge on whether they should go or not. If so, this is for you. Or for those who already bought a ticket and need extra affirmation that it was a great idea (trust me, it was). Here’s a list of our top 9 reasons to attend EDC Las Vegas 2018…

Reason #1: Camping!

Aka, not having to deal with the ridiculous traffic that plagues the 15 freeway every afternoon/evening/morning during EDC weekend. That alone is a great reason to show up this year, especially if the traffic and chaos were your reasons for being undecided in the first place.

That aside, camping at festivals is always so much fun. You get to be fully immersed in the festive atmosphere 24/7 while making even more friends than you normally would just inside the main event. It might also provide heightened peace of mind, considering that many attendees will be passing out and sleeping (or continuing the party) just a short walk away from the stages, instead of having to make the quite unsafe drive back to the Strip in the morning heat and traffic, with a large quantity of intoxicated drivers in close vicinity.

This will be the very first year that EDC offers camping options, but we believe that Insomniac has enough experience with these sort of events to create something truly special.

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Reason #2: Pre-Parties, Pool Parties, All Kinds Of Parties.

Okay, okay, this might go hand in hand with camping, but we love the idea of already being able to party with our newfound neighbors and friends on Thursday evening! Dubstep powerhouse Excision is set to play that night, so there’s a high chance you’ll start the weekend with a (head)bang. Whether that means that your neck will be broken before EDC even starts or that it’ll be nicely warmed up and ready for the next few days, is up to you.

If you want to keep the party going even during the daytime, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a pool party scheduled every afternoon, right before the gates to the Speedway open. Dip your feet into the water, sip on a cocktail and lounge around in the sun for a few hours while listening to artists brought to you by Space Yacht, Insomniac Records and Brownies & Lemonade.

But it doesn’t end there… If by the end of day 3 you’re still not ready to go to bed, Insomniac has prepared a special treat for all the night owls out there: a closing party featuring still unannounced special guests, going from 5.30AM to 10AM.

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Reason #3: There’s Something For Everyone.

Maybe you’re picky with your music, or maybe you’re still figuring what your favorite electronic music genre is… Either way, EDC has you covered. Each stage has an entirely different atmosphere and theme, with a few dedicated to specific types of EDM, so you will definitely find something that moves your heart (and feet!). Head over to the wasteLAND stage if hardstyle has your soul, pick bassPOD to headbang to grimy bass tracks, or vibe out at quantumVALLEY to some emotionally-charged trance… There’s plenty of choices. And if none of the stages seem satisfying, make sure to check out the various art cars for secret sets and a selection of less mainstream artists as well!

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Reason #4: New Stage Designs.

I’m sure all the tranceheads out there were excited to hear that the quantumVALLEY stage, which made its debut at EDC last year, will be expanded and given a brand new design. Hosted by Dreamstate, Insomniac’s trance brand, this stage will feature sets from some of the most well-known names in the genre such as Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz.

The main stage, kineticFIELD, will also be completely re-designed and renovated, as well as bassPOD, circuitGROUNDS, and neonGARDEN.

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Reason #5: Workshops, Rave Aerobics, Yoga, And More!

Plan on staying healthy? No problem, Camp EDC has your back. Enjoy yoga lessons, hula-hoop classes and rave aerobics every day at the Mesa, the main hub of the campsites, where you’ll also find many more activities such as kandi making, guided meditation, go-kart racing and sounds baths… The Mesa will also have a barber shop on site (just in case you didn’t have time to get a haircut before coming to Vegas) and a wide variety of food trucks. Even though it’s just the first year that EDC offers camping, we love that there are so many amenities and activities planned for the attendees.


Reason #6: All Those B2Bs…

We couldn’t help but notice that there is a variety of interesting B2B (“back to back”) sets on the line-up this year. Chances are, you’ll get to see something quite special and unique (or at least uncommon). The following DJs will have special performances together: Kill The Noise b2b 12th Planet, Lady Faith b2b DJ Stephanie, G Jones b2b Eprom, Darksiderz b2b Mekanikal, AFK b2b Svdden Death, Genix b2b Sunny Lax, Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor P, and many more… Make sure you check the full line-up here to see who else is playing this year!

Fun fact: the above mentioned Genix set the world record for the longest DJ set in history with a grueling (and most likely awesome) 84 hours!

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Reason #7: New Dates.

Let’s face it, going hard for 3 nights straight in the Nevada desert while dealing with the mid-June heat can be truly exhausting. Aside from that, many of us wanted to spend Father’s Day with our loved ones. Thankfully, EDC was rescheduled for an earlier weekend this year: instead of being in June, it got rescheduled to Memorial Day Weekend (May 18-20). A month might not seem like a huge difference, but trust us, the temperatures are way less extreme, going from 60° F to 88° F depending on the time of the day. You might even need a light sweater for the night (and we’re not against it).

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Reason #8: Fireworks, Fireworks, And More Fireworks.

Think Disneyland has the best and biggest firework spectacular ever? Think again. It’s a common occurrence to see colorful explosions in the sky during your favorite artist’s EDC set, and no matter how many times we see them, we can’t help but always feel delighted and charmed by the sight. Combined with all the lights from the carnival rides and the lasers, this makes for an unforgettable show that you’ll probably remember for years to come.

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Reason #9: Virtual Self.

If you’re a Porter Robinson fan (or even if you aren’t), you’ve definitely heard of his new project, Virtual Self. This will probably be the first time that many West Coast kids will get to see this side of Porter, and we believe that it’ll be an intriguing experience, definitely worth checking out.

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What are YOUR top reasons to attend EDC? What do you think makes it an event not to miss? Let us know in the comments below.

Festival tickets are still available here, while you can grab a camping pass here. Get them before they’re all gone!

We can’t wait to see you Under the Electric Sky!

Photo Credits: EDC Official Website