What’s going on?!

Alright ladies & gentlemen, we have less than 40 days until early arrival and we are back home. The Electric Forest Countdown begins! Now, we’ve talked about the incredibly bangin’ lineup but I want to dive deep into what makes Forest so completely magical.

Last year was my very first year going and I’ve never felt more welcome and comfortable in my life, ever. The people that come to forest welcome you with open arms and everybody goes around high-fiving one another saying ‘happy forest’. Going solo? Any group would love to adopt you and bring you in as one of their own. Not vibing with the set? Get absolutely lost in the Forest. This is where the magic truly begins.

Time to enter – Sherwood Forest. Even after spending hours exploring the Forest I probably only covered 25%. There are hammocks up everywhere if you need a quick nap, fairy doors to leave a gift or find a gift, an organ with surprise sets, and even a piano for you to play your heart out. The Forest is open until 4 am and the sets end around 2 am so you don’t have to miss your favorite sets to explore the Forest at night. I finally want to touch on the Hangar.

The Hangar was the most interesting part for me last year. I wandered in with a raging headache and followed the smells to an aroma-type place. A lady concocted a scent for me that immediately cured my headache (still questioning what that was but I’m chalking it up to Forest magic). Among the Hangar there is also a barber shop, a temporary tattoo place, a game room, and so much more. The Hangar also has a speakeasy with secret sets! Finally, if you speak to the right person you’ll be gifted a quest with a prize. I didn’t get a chance to do that last year but you bet it’s on my to-do list this upcoming summer!

Overall, I am too stoked for this summer and to experience the magic of Electric Forest. The countdown begins!