Franky Nuts is Gonna Make Ya Lose Control

Franky Nuts releases “Lose Control” featuring Danyka Nadeau

Man, my man Franky Nuts is producing a banger for ya, yet again! I have a special place in my heart for Franky Nuts as he always produces the bangers. Dutch-based producer and DJ Franky Nuts is back again on Circus Records with “Lose Control” featuring Danyka Nadeau. One of the closest acts to the label, he released “Stay” with Katie Skyand remixed Flux Pavilion’s “Somebody Else” feat. GLNNA in March. He’s a man on fire!





This time around, he has teamed up with Canadian singer-songwriter Danyka Nadeau who has collaborations with Hellberg, Televisor, and Au5.  Even in these unpredictable times for musicians, Franky is not slowing down. Franky spearheaded the Rampage Studio Brussels takeover, setting the blueprint for the current raft of online streams. The streams are so important to us right now because they’re a sense of hope in this wasteland. 


“Lose Control” brings together Franky’s unique melodic dubstep style with Danyka’s powerful voice to produce an energetic and dynamic Summer soundtrack.


lose control
Out now on Circus Records 
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