Hard Summer is Going To Go HARD!

HARD Summer is Going To Go HARD!

Southern California is allowing festivals to come back in full swing! HARD Summer is ready to kick off the new festival season since COVID. Attendees will enjoy a weekend full of beats that’ll make them shuffle and dance until their feet feel like they’re on fire and head-bang until they break their necks and possibly need a neck brace! HARD Summer will be taking place from July 31st to August 1st at NOS Event Center in San Bernadino.

go hard

And if you’ve ever been in San Bernadino County during the summer you know it gets HOT.

With temperatures predicted to reach 100+ degrees during that weekend, here are a few tips to stay happy, healthy, and hydrated during your time! 

  1. On top of your hydration or camelback, bring a little bottle for spritzing and misting or a fan to keep you and your family cool. This weather does NOT mess around, and when you’re dancing your booty off you sometimes forget how much you sweat. 
  2. WEAR. YOUR. SUNSCREEN. The sun is beating down, and it’s beating down HARD. If getting a sunburn isn’t enough to convince you to wear sunscreen, maybe not wanting wrinkles by the time you’re 30 is.
  3. Get your water AS SOON as you enter the festival. Yes I know, the water lines are long during this time but trust me, it’s not getting any shorter and it’s better to be prepared for the heat than dying in it. 
  4. Don’t wait until your supply is empty to get water. The writer (myself) and some other festival veterans concluded that the best time to get water is 10 minutes before the end of every set. Therefore you’re avoiding all the crowds of people rushing to the next set or water refill stations and you bet the lines!
  5. PLEASE be sure to eat. I know we all want to look lean and cut for the first festival back in Southern California, but your body needs more than just water to maintain its energy level. If you’re planning to dance throughout the entire duration of the event, I highly suggest eating something before and in the middle of the event. 

Now that I’ve shared my wisdom, the Festival Voice team will see all your happy smiling faces and your immaculate vibes at HARD Summer 2021! I’m ready to go hard with all of your beautiful souls!