History of the Disc Jockey- A Chronological Journey

A Chronological History of the Disc Jockey: 1887-1988

Misfit produced this limited edition Giclee fine art print. He created the print to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Second Summer Of Love.  The print explores the history of the disc jockey and spans from the years 1887-1988.
The artist, Misfit, sought to create a visual representation chronicling the evolution of the Disc Jockey. Firstly, he began with Thomas Edison inventing the Phonograph in 1887. After that, the history goes right up to the key protagonists in the Second Summer of Love in 1988. For example, this is the moment when the touch paper of modern Club culture was lit.
With a love of music, history and generally connecting the dots the artist was influenced by the book ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ (by Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton). In addition, various blogs, websites and endless forum debates (and arguments) on the origins of the DJ inspired Misfit. Art Misfit has sought to represent some of the key information. For example, he presented the information chronologically and graphically in the form of a Periodic Table. This is such an epically cool way to represent the information!
The journey across the table takes in the key pioneering DJs, Clubs, Jamaican selectors, Northern Soul champions, Disco originals and groundbreakers, Tech/Equipment, Hip Hop forerunners and innovators, Balearic influencers, House pioneers, Techno innovators and various chancers. Check out all the pictures in this article!

Key info…

Title: Periodic Table Of The DJ
Artist: Misfit
Medium: Fine Art Giclee Print
Paper: Origin Expression Textured 300gsm
Edition: Limited edition
Sizes :  (A1) 594 x 841 mm + (A2) 420 x 594 mm
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