Hit The Jackpot with Dreamtheory

Hit The Jackpot with Dreamtheory

Nashville based producer Dreamtheory is keeping the fires stoked in 2021, with his second release of the year “Jackpot” setting the bar high for himself and his fellow producers. I got a preview of this track and I’m excited to share it with you all! 


If you’re a fan of dubstep, you’ll be into this track. This song meshes dubstep and rap style vocals to truly deliver. Sunbeam Young performs the rapping in this fast-paced track! The first drop of the song grabs your full attention right away, especially if you’re a dub lover! Overall, the listener will head resemblance to an energetic electric guitar, bringing on that rocker vibe for ya. The song then progresses into an even deeper moment. For example, this includes a breakdown that puts the vocals center stage. Next, the track draws back the energy in preparation for the second drop, building your anticipation. The second drop flips the song on its head with a BAM! It focuses on complex chord progressions and intricate melodies, while still keeping the energy moving in a breathtaking way.  This track is certainly a treat.

About Dreamtheory

Dreamtheory, while relatively new, is building a loyal fan base. He uses his unique sound design and deviation from the norms of the dubstep genre. While elements of dubstep are still prevalent in his track, he’s got the originality! As a result, he has acquired 5,000 faithful listeners on Spotify and collected over 140,000 streams on the platform. 

Who loves these online festivals? Dreamtheory is scheduled to play the online music festival ‘Interspace’ on February 5th. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out! He’ll be working beside other Nashville talent such as Sickish, Svble, Tech Chase, and many more. “Interspace” is a benefit festival, which makes it even better! Their goal is to help raise money for Souls United, which is an organization that helps provide aid to the Nashville Homeless community. We are loving this. 

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