Don Diablo Takes On New Project! Camp Kubrick

Camp Kubrick



Don Diablo and Denzel Chain


So, Don Diablo is switching it upon us; with his new 80’s inspired project Camp Kubrick is sure making some totally phat tunes! The Dutch music producer Don Diablo recently unleashed his collaborative project with Denzel Chain! Camp Kubrick awaits to take you back to the past and so much more! After diving away into their minds in their studio for almost two years, the duo’s set to bring you tubular flashbacks to a time where it was oh so simple. No pandemic then either, but that’s another discussion in itself.


Camp Kubrick, ‘Johnny’s Online’


Remember when mullets were a thing? Yeah, me either, but I’d like to think of happier times. Listening to ‘Johnny’s Online’ definitely brings you…” Back To The Future.” The duo shares retro, the technicolor music video for ‘Johnny’s Online.’ The video’s set in the 80’s, the era of 8bit video games arcades and gagging people with spoons? I’m not too sure what that one means, but I am digging the vibe anyways! These days (present time), I could use an escape, and the past can be a good way to deal. The duo take inspiration from acts like Toto (so good) Lionel Richie and movies like ‘The Never Ending Story.’ It seems they draw inspiration from all things the 80’s!

Listen to ‘Johnny’s Online’ here!
Watch the video here!


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