Quarantine Karaoke

Quarantine Karaoke


Quarantine Karaoke, it’s Facebook’s largest growing virtual karaoke group that gives people around the world a chance to show off their skills. The online Facebook group has gained thousands of followers from all over. The group itself allows people to go live and sing in front of hundreds, all while remaining socially distant from the comfort of your home, yet feel closer to people. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too! I had the chance to sit down and talk to a few that stood out to me about the group, current events, and their incredible talents.


Dylan Drye


First on my list of promising stars on the rise is Dylan Drye-a 26-year-old North Carolina resident that grabbed my attention with his fun acoustic set on QK. He wrote and performed a song called ‘Coffee’ that was extremely relatable. “It’s so comforting to know that people all around the world are tuning in and not even having met, just enjoying company through music! It makes me feel close to people I would have otherwise never had the pleasure to meet.”

“I’d have to say if you were to remember anything from this pandemic, we should remember our grassroots and what we came. This nation wasn’t built on politics, sides, or even jobs. It was built on people who pursued what they loved and provided for their neighbor. It was built on truth and love, not hate and lies. Even with how much you’ve lost, and we’ve lost as a nation, we still have what’s most important, humanity. Each one of us has the ability to make one feel cared for and optimistic, use it. Thank God we can choose love regardless of opinions or even a pandemic!” 

“I think music speaks a unique language. All of us have a story and music seems to pull and speak from different parts of our lives. Music harmonizes with people’s souls, and it’s a powerful tool of unity if used in the right way!” When asked about people who are afraid to put themselves out there, Dylan said: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Stop doubting yourself, you are special, unique, and beautifully made. Regardless of what you sound like or afraid, you’ll mess up, music is mostly about community and the friends you make along the way. Make friends encourage, and enjoy what you’re singing about!” 

Which singers in the group have you appreciated the most, any favorites? 

“Yes, actually! There is a guy in the group named “Mark Lum” who has a phenomenal voice and is just so charismatic and fun to be around. He encourages me to continue to make music about the people that are listening, and to you and enjoy and have fun with the music I’m singing!”

Watch ‘Coffee’ Here


Addie Berry


Next on my list is an extremely talented 13 year old from Tennessee, I noticed Miss Addie Berry, being so young and soulful. Her voice is impressive and has the potential to reach the stars! her lungs are captivating, and I believe QK is just the start of a music career in the making! “Quarantine Karaoke helps me through the hardships of being separated from the people that usually make me feel confident and excited to go and perform. Since I can no longer have the live feedback from these people, posting songs on Quarantine Karaoke has given me confidence through the unconditional support of all the people in the group.”

“To the people who are too scared to put themselves out there, I would say just to do it! I’ve always been scared to say and do things because it’s easy to see what people are thinking through tone of voice and facial expressions, so there are many things I haven’t done. However, since you don’t see these people as you perform live, it’s easier to perform because most everyone gives support and it keeps you and I going. So I encourage you to throw yourself out there!”

“I think that after the pandemic, people will continue to post themselves singing on the Quarantine Karaoke group. I know I will!”

Watch Addie’s ‘A Million Dreams’ cover here


Miguel “Rockstar” Garza


Next up is a 30-year-old Chicago resident mister Miguel “Rockstar” Garza who’s acoustic talents blow me away! “QK makes me feel extremely connected to people. I’m a professional musician and tell people all the time how playing online almost feels more connected than playing in real life. You have this platform where anyone can watch you and can still chat and communicate on a deeper level than just playing shows. Whereas in-person, you really can’t have conversations with the audience in the same way if that makes any sense? I’ve met and talked to more people (from all over the world) on QK than I’ve ever had to play live shows.”  

“Music is my passion. I do work part-time for an airline, and I play part-time for income. My income has been slashed since I can’t play out right now, but I do wish to take that next step someday to be a full-time musician and quit my job. To everyone dealing with the pandemic situation, I’d just have to say keep your head up, be safe, and know things will be ok.”

“I think QK has helped people a lot. It’s helped me in keeping sanity and having an audience to play for, but it’s also helped with much more. I’ve had people message me personally about situations they are going through and how just listening has helped raise their spirits and get them through the day. Those messages hit me so hard because I can’t believe my voice and guitar could do that. That in return lifts my spirits enormously. I think the page just brings a sense of peace, community, beauty, and escape to music lovers.”

Watch Miguel’s ‘I Want It That Way’ Cover Here


Richard Valsin


This next one had me tapping my feet (although I don’t much care for country music) Richard Valsin, an army veteran. He was recommended to the group because his friend saw his talent in the 82nd All American Chorus in The United States Army. “I do want to pursue my career in singing. To the people that are going through this pandemic this is the time to work on things. Be open-minded and work on things that you never had the time to do or wish to do. QK has helped with having artists bring out some of their favorite jams through this tough situation. Music soothes the soul.”


Samantha Wyatt


Samantha Wyatt, a blind 29 old from Washington State, she recently got a lot of attention in her hometown after blowing up on Quarantine Karaoke. “Whether you’re singing or just listening, we’re in this together and seeking comfort and distraction from the scary unknowns in our lives. The comments, emails, and messages that follow are a wonderful bonus. One of my mom’s Facebook friends invited us with the message, “get Samantha on here. ASAP!”   

What you have to say to people dealing with the pandemic? “Nothing. What I’m “saying” is what I’m singing. Providing distraction and positivity without telling someone how to deal with anything.”

What would you like to say to others who may be too afraid to put themselves out there? “I understand! You don’t have to put yourself out there unless you want to. I actually have an advantage that I can’t see people looking/watching or potentially Judging me. If I could, I may never have developed my voice. Music is even more about listening than performing. Without listeners, there wouldn’t be performers.” 


Stephanie Palmer


Last and certainly not least, Stephanie Palmer, she’s a 33-year-old Texas resident who’s been making her way around QK with a sound that speaks to me. “Quarantine Karaoke allows me to make connections with people all over the world through music. I used to go to karaoke every week. Then my favorite karaoke bar burned down so I had nowhere to sing with my friends. I live in a small town, so there are not many options. Then the Corona Virus hit, which resulted in everyone staying home. I have gotten a plethora of messages from people asking for me to sing songs. Whether they are going through a disease, a friend or family member just passed away from COVID; there’s a song that reminds them of a beloved friend or family member. Or they just want to hear their favorite song.”

When asked to pursue a career in music she replied, “I would love that! It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I took the stable career direction after being screwed over several times by people in the music industry. But if a good opportunity arises, I would love to pursue it.”

“These are crazy times right now, and you can’t control the situation. You can only control how you react to it. The only way to get through this is by keeping your mind busy. Listen to music, sing karaoke, learn something new, journal, read, play video games, work on your house if you are able, create a deeper connection with the people you live with (spouse, family, roommates, etc.), exercise.”


Stephanie’s Thoughts


“Music has always got me through life’s hardest challenges. Quarantine Karaoke has made me see that there are people like me that love to sing. I never knew that so many people loved karaoke as much as I do. I’ve made some new friends along the way too! It’s kept me distracted from all the stress at work since I work at a hospital. Quarantine Karaoke has also made me realize that I’m pretty good at singing. I knew I could sing pretty well, but I received so many likes, comments, and messages that it truly made me feel like I may have something special.” And might I add, she does!

“Quarantine Karaoke was made for the sole purpose of having fun and connecting with other individuals that have the same love for karaoke as you may have. 

Now and then, you will have a person that is rude or judgmental of someone. Try your best not to take it personally. They probably can’t even sing themselves and are probably jealous that you have enough confidence and courage to put yourself out there. Furthermore, there are moderators in the groups, so you can always report those individuals and have them removed from the group.”

Which singers in the group have you appreciated the most, any favorites? 

“Isaiah, who posts under his mother, Angela Lombardo. He always makes me smile. Joemarie Felarca Alcones has a beautiful voice and soul. You can feel his soul. 

Jada Jada has a great voice and stage presence. I hope quarantine karaoke continues after this pandemic.”


You are not alone in this


As these unprecedented times make us feel isolated and lonely, this group has been my favorite to associate with. There are others out there and a wide range of social media that prove you aren’t alone. We are all in this together and we will get through this pandemic! If you want a great experience that not only makes you feel like you’re 6 beers deep at a dive bar, then join Quarantine Karaoke! In the meantime, stay home, stay safe, and know you’re not alone!


Quarantine Karaoke

QK is the world’s largest at home, everyday treat!


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