Jauz Takes A Bite Out Of Seattle!

This past weekend Jauz took over the ShowBox in downtown Seattle for two consecutive nights (April 26th & 27th, 2024). With the relaunch of his label Bite This! We got a chance to witness Jauz play his brand new single, Chains, which just came out Friday, April 26th. Overall, I’d have to rate this weekend a 10/10. The venue was great, with plenty of space to move around and dance without bumping into fellow attendees. The staff was super helpful and kind, which for whatever reason seems to be rare nowadays. Security did take my pack of gum, but I’ll chalk that up to some previous incident that may have occurred – no harm no foul. The lasers and visuals were insane! Not only from Jauz, but the opening acts also had some extremely impressive visuals. And last but not least, obviously the music was mind blowing!

Honestly, my days of headbanging to heavy bass music are few and far between, but I could not help myself Friday night. It was infectious and liberating. And Saturday… oh my goodness don’t even get me started. I had no idea what to expect from a 2-night event. Would he play similar sets? Something completely different? Saturday night ended up being a pretty house-y set, totally different than what we got to experience Friday night and definitely a little bit more up my alley. Needless to say, I was shocked and impressed at his ability to mix it up so drastically, and if you only went to one of the nights, you certainly missed out!

With Seattle being the first weekend of Jauz’s Bite This! Tour, I am curious to learn more about what the rest of it will look like, especially the stops that only have one night. Will he combine the heavy bass and house vibes, or will the other cities get one or the other? We will just have to wait and find out. One thing is for certain though: I did add some more of Jauz’s music to my main playlist.

Get your tickets to future events HERE!

Fri, APR 26 – The Wicked – Seattle, WA – The Showbox

Sat, APR 27 – The Wise – Seattle, WA – The Showbox

Fri, MAY 10 – The Wicked – Denver, CO – Reelworks

Sat, MAY 11 – The Wise – Denver, CO –  Reelworks

Sat, JUN 1 – The Wise vs The Wicked – Toronto, Canada

Fri, JUN 7 – The Wicked – Austin, TX – Concourse Project

Sat, JUN 8 – The Wise – Austin, TX – Concourse Project

Thu, JUL 11 – The Wicked – San Francisco, CA – 1015 Folsom

Fri, JUL 12 – The Wise – San Francisco, CA – 1015 Folsom