KMGLife Colorado’s #1 Music School!

One Of The Nation’s Top Music School: KMGLife Inc. (Keep Music Going)

For those of you who peruse our site, we all have one thing in common: LOVE OF MUSIC.  For most of us, I think we all have daydreamed about becoming a music artist and getting the crowd bouncing to some beats you yourself created. Well, make your dreams come true and check out KMGLife Inc.! The Festival Voice Team came to tour their gorgeous facility in Boulder, Colorado with their Relationships & Opportunities Director, Mitch Zonnefeld, and it’s a studio that has been referred to as “the studio created by musicians for musicians.”

KMGLife Inc. (Keep Music Going) is the biggest, independently owned, multi-media facility in Colorado with a massive 30,000 sq/ft for all your music producing and perfecting needs.  Now KMGLife Inc. offers everything you could possibly want in a recording studio, but they also have KMG Academy which is a state-of-the-art music production school!  They offer all the highest quality equipment your ears, head, and heart could possibly desire. Ranging from microphones to instruments; professional decks to individual studios each with a very comfortable vibe and space for whatever you need, even your friends!  Basically, KMGLife Inc. is the perfect Hogwarts for all your magical music creativity and development.

They currently have 5 extraordinary programsthe most prestigious being the Recording Arts Development Program. The RAD Program is a 6-month long program that trains you to be the industry standard audio engineer and focuses primarily on recording/mixing techniques and audio production in Pro Tools. Upon completion, graduates of this program will be able to attain an entry-level position at a professional recording studio, run sessions at a mobile/home studio and properly produce, record, and mix their own music! KMG Academy has an amazing program called the RAD Program (Recording Arts Development) which essentially helps you with your whole scope of development as a music artist!

Another popular KMG Academy program is the Ableton Music Production Program. The AMP Program is a 6-month long avocational program that trains you to be the ultimate music producer and DJ using Ableton Live! You will learn the technical side of music production (i.e. basic Ableton Live workflow, songwriting, arrangement, sound design, mixing and mastering) as well as basic DJ skills and live performance techniques. Additionally, KMGLife Inc. is the only Ableton Certified Training Center in Colorado.

 As we are all very aware, being a music artist is much more than just having a sound.  At KMG Academy, virtually anything an artist would need musically and visually can be accomplished under one roof, including but not limited to production, writing, recording, mixing, mastering, full artist-development, photography, video services, press, promotion, social media management, live shows, graphic design, branding and more. KMG Academy also has many connections in the local music scene and they frequently book shows featuring some of their very own students! Venues include Beta, Temple, Black Box, Your Mom’s House, etc. These shows help their students garner exposure and experience prior to building their careers in the industry.

Additionally, KMG Academy just recently announced a collaborative partnership with one of Colorado’s top studios in Denver, Side 3 Studios, to launch the newest location of KMG Academy! The Denver location will offer the same Ableton Certified Training Center approved curriculum found in the Ableton Music Production Program located in Boulder. They are now enrolling for the first class that will start in February 2019! Additional partnerships and locations will be announced just before the new year!


If you are interested here is a link to their site HERE!

I have also supplied a brief summary of the programs they offer with a brief description below for you to see where your future in music will start!


  • New KMG Academy Program:

The FADE Program

2 months – $2,500.00

KMG Academy now houses 5 total audio training programs. In FADE, over the course of two months, students will learn the ins and outs of how to become a DJ and craft incredible sets that will rock dance floors for HOURS! After learning how to beat match, use phrasing, and work with the industry leading club-ready equipment, they can be confident their DJ skill set will impress both audiences and promoters alike!


Due to the excitement surrounding our new location, we are currently offering a special for all new AMP Program enrollments, with classes beginning as early as February 2019! Full tuition will be $5,750 (reg. $6,965) for students looking to enroll at either the Denver or Boulder location. This special is valid now through December 31, 2018! To begin your journey in mastering Ableton Live, call us at (720) 250-9020!  


  • Studio A is Complete:

The prestigious Studio A at KMGLife Inc. is finally finished and functional! The top Colorado bands have already made their mark in its fantastic live room as well as raved about their incredible mixes done on the in-house SSL Duality console. We are proud to have a room capable of anything an artist desires!