Let’s Play Hide & Seek Festival

Hide & Seek Festival Raises the Bar Over Two Days this Summer

We’re ready to play Hide & Seek! This boutique festival is newly expanded and has mouth-watering line up of talent over two days. The festival takes place on Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th, 2022. The festival is returning to the breathtaking grounds of Capesthorne Hall. Now, the festival is set to bring an expanded line up of red-hot emerging talents & enduring legends across five unique stages.
Ready for the lineup??? Just announced, debutants include Zip, Todd Terje, Arapu, Traumer, Gene on Earth b2b The Ghost, Crazy P DJ, Binh b2b DJ Masda, Christian AB b2b Quest, Laurine & Cecilio, Chris Stussy, Dungeon Meat, Jamie 3:26, Marcel Vogel, Priku, Automatic writing and Fumiya Tanaka – who all join a host of returning favourites including Apollonia, Raresh, Josh Baker, Sonja Moonear, Spokenn, Sugar Free, Sweely, Voigtmann, Sam Bangura, Laidlaw, Ingi Visions, and many more. 

Ready to Grab Tickets?

Head to www.hideandseekfestival.co.uk for tickets and event information, with payment plans starting at just £15, helping partygoers to spread the cost over the coming months. Europe fam- go all in!
In the past editions, Hide&Seek has grown tremendously and the festival is ready to get you dancing to the sounds of house, techno, disco, and minimal. Last year’s show was LOVED so much and as a result, we are seeing them offer a two-day format for the fest. More importantly, the focus remains firmly on careful curation and coherent programming to maintain Hide&Seek’s well-deserved reputation as a festival by and for serious music lovers. 
This year’s concept is Electric Dreams. This is going to be the place where freedom and escapism in music means that anything is possible. A sure-fire trip to the ethereal!

On board for the ride are a host of cutting-edge party partners and rising talents from Manchester brands like You&Me, Animal Crossing, Surco, Arcadia, Tranquil and God Made Me Funky – to Paris’s Automatic Writing; Liverpool’s MODU:LAR and Zuku; London’s Bizarre Trax, Beeyou and Appetite; SetOneTwenty and Magnetic from Leeds; and Real Gang from Ibiza.
Festival co-founder Josh Baker said, “As we enter year 3, we couldn’t be more excited to showcase what’s in store. We are taking huge steps to continue to both entertain and educate the dance floor. We have spent endless hours considering the programme to offer an optimal experience over two days which allows ravers to discover new names whilst being blown away by legends of the scene. For 2022, our mission is to offer an experience you never knew you needed. Electric Dreams.”


Fellow co-founder Kurt Hurst added, “The development from our first edition in 2019 to the 2021 festival was clearly a huge step up, and as per our marketing and messaging this was always part of the vision. However there is still further room for growth and this will be evident on arrival to Capesthorne Hall on September 3rd/4th. After 2021 we received such incredibly overwhelming feedback in regards to stage concepts, entertainment, audio & production, but we can assure that all of these elements will continue to evolve and allow us to deliver an even better ‘dreamlike’ experience.”

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek 2022 is set to offer a heady musical experience like few others in the UK. Make sure you’re a part of this little piece of underground history.