May 28th, 2021 Releases of the Week

Hopefully, you guys are enjoying our weekly special of the tracks that are HOT this week. This is our way to stay true to our focus, which is informing you about festivals, events, and sharing our thoughts with you. It’s May 28th- buckle up because you are in for a true ride this week!! Not only will you get some epic tracks but we’re throwing in some videos and NFTs!

Zebbler Encanti Experience- Syncorswim

Syncorswim, the new Audio/Visual masterpiece from Zebbler Encanti Experience, is a journey of the soul and ZEE’s answer to a world without dancefloors. It’s a glitchy, downtempo, ambient departure from the cacophonous dance-party entries in ZEE’s pre-pandemic catalog. Encanti’s stirring sound design and Zebbler’s nature-inspired visuals are a deeply felt response to a global encounter with death, isolation, and the unfathomable resilience of love.

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Late June- Stargazing NFT

Late June is gearing up to drop his debut NFT Stargazing May 27th at 1pm PST on Catalog. In true Late June fashion, Stargazing is an emotional soft dance track that’s a 1/1, including a recording of his song Stargazing with artwork created by Late June himself. A different variation of this song Stargazing will be released on streaming services May 28th, meaning that the purchaser of the Stargazing NFT owns their very own Late June unreleased one-of-a-kind track. To make this NFT even more personal, the purchaser’s name will be added to the song credits on all streaming platforms, and they will also be mailed a physical framed image of the constellation (example) the night Late June wrote Stargazing on February 2nd, 2021.

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Mathame- Angel Alphabet NFTs

Mathame releases stunning NFTs! Each artwork is a unique, 30-second audio-visual offering that immediately drops you deep into Mathame’s archeo-futuristic world. There is a narrative to each one, with dramatic and cinematic music bringing real energy and tension to the abstract visual. Some feature liquid metal shapes displayed like sculptures on a rock planet, others see colorful clouds drifting through a haunting space and there are also explosions of particles in glass boxes, fields of flowers blowing in a warm wind featureless figures framing more abstract digital art. They are soothing, fascinating pieces that very much get you lost in the moment and admiring the beauty of the forms and textures.
On the day of release, fans will be invited to experience Mathame’s OVR live performance where they will be presenting the full collection and playing a set in a unique virtual world via This avant-garde project will be explained via Mathame’s socials and fans will then be invited to download the OVR app and experience the special virtual reality private viewing of the full collection at 7pm on May 30th. 

Anton Tomak- Teleport EP

Warmly welcoming the talented Russian producer for his long-awaited label debut, the three-part EP is yet another masterful showcase in diverse, creative soundscapes from the long-standing Parisian label, which looks set to celebrate its landmark 100th release later this year.

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Grum- Isolation EP

Graeme Shepherd, better known as Grum, hails from Glasgow. His relationship with Anjunabeats stretches back to 2015 when Above & Beyond signed him to the label over a glass of whisky one night after a gig. A string of brilliant singles followed: ‘U’, ‘Shout’, ‘Shining’ and ‘Price Of Love’ to name a few, plus his Anjunabeats Worldwide 07 compilation, which charted on Billboard’s Dance / Electronic Album chart. 

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Two Lanes and Panama- Rolling Back

It’s time for you to watch the official music video for ‘Rolling Back,’ the intercontinental collab between Berlin’s TWO LANES and Australia’s Panama. Directed by filmmaker Matthew Thorne, the film adds a striking visual narrative to the song’s smooth and classy musical groove. The film is about the many artists who have performed in Berlin and perhaps even called it home for a while. It was shot during a time when those performances and that life of the city hasn’t been possible.

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Noemi Black- Enigma EP

Relentless kicks, undulating basslines, and intricate drum patterns ignite the three-track EP in trademark Noemi Black fashion, as the formidable Technical Vibe boss takes us on an intense peak-time crescendo through the titanic title track Enigma. Renowned for her unique blend of mind-altering techno and dark, driving sonics, Noemi embraces her reputation across the opener, before handing the reigns to Prospect label boss, Hollen, who steps up to deliver his hypnotic interpretation of Noemi’s title track for imposing middle order.

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Master KG, David Guetta, & Akon Jones- Shine Your Light

On “Shine Your Light,” Master KG and David Guetta have spun a fresh approach to the feel-good blend of uplifting lyricism, exuberant Afro-house rhythms, and sun-kissed vibes that made Master KG’s global phenomenon “Jerusalema” so memorable around the world. The jubilant atmosphere of the song is enhanced with Akon’s signature touch, singing “having a good time dancing and laughing,” he gets to the heart of the song with his uplifting lyrics and flawless delivery.

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Aiobahn – amnesia (feat. rionos) Remixes

Aiobahn released ‘amnesia’, a classic J-pop track with a contemporary twist, a couple of months ago and it’s time for the remixes. Tollef, Sanjaux, Gyrofield, and Groke all took on the challenge to rework the track with their own signature sound.

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Drove – Peace Of Mind

Drove arrived in style in January of 2021 with their debut EP ‘Dusk’, and now they are back to turn some heads in the scene. ‘Dusk’ hit more than 2 million streams in the first week of release, and following this success Drove will release their second EP ‘Dawn’ soon, kicking off today with the first single of the EP: ‘Peace Of Mind’. 

‘Peace Of Mind’ is the opening track of the upcoming EP and represents the start of a new journey. Starting in chaos and madness, it portrays searching for peace while driving to the west coast. It captures a drive through the chaos and madness you want to escape from. Music hits differently while driving which is exactly the foundation of the Drove movement. Each and every Drove track is all about the combination of a certain vibe with matching visualizations. 

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Tim Green- The Moss

Three compositions comprise the record, whose title track kicks off the journey. “The Moss” is a slow burner, with soft piano chords and pads leading into impassioned vocals as the track reaches its peak. “Coriolis” picks up in tempo, ebbing and flowing through its ten minutes with crescendoing string sections, hollowed drum layers, and a vocal theme that ties the EP together thematically. The layers bounce off one another in some parts, while in others join in a seamless embrace. 

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EDX- Take Me Home (feat. Jess Ball)

Out now via Spinnin’ Records, Take Me Home explores the deeper, more soulful side of EDX’s vast production repertoire, as Switzerland’s most successful electronic artist shows off his endless studio credentials to deliver yet another unique single, brimming with attitude. Complimenting Jess Ball’s ethereal topline with a perfectly matched deep house instrumental, the club-oriented vocal cut is built around deep luscious basslines, subtle piano riffs, shuffling tech-house rhythms, and an unmistakably catchy synth refrain, which EDX manipulates to extraordinary effect throughout.

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Claptone & Apre- My Night

Just turn on ‘My Night’ and – bam – you’ll be hit by a confetti cannon of fun. As Claptone puts it: “If I had a surfboard this is one [track] I’d instinctively develop a desire to catch a wave too. It’s one of those that you instantly wanna listen to again after it ends and again after it ends and so on. I really love it with all of my heart.” ‘My Night’ is co-produced with the almighty Stuart Price and has everything a proper hit requires, it’s sticky like superglue, and only slightly less addictive than a Netflix binge. 

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Eli & Fur- Come Back Around

The writhing bassline gently rises to prominence with unrivaled progression as the track opens up and blossoms into a menagerie of filtered synths and arpeggiator patterns that flourish into a crescendo-like drop. Eli & Fur’s playful vocals are at the forefront of the mix with a magnetic presence, drawing together the gentle maelstrom of club-focused drum work and laddering synthesizer arrangement.

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Taska Black & Violent Skies- When I Come Home

The record comes at a time when we all could use a new anthem to get us through our current challenge. Taska Black is now back with a very relatable melancholy anthem called “When I Come Home” ft Violet Skies who is a Welsh based singer/songwriter most known for writing Tiesto’s “God Is A Dancer“. The record is extremely catchy and puts you right in the feels, it is about addressing the issues that are hidden underneath the surface for most of us, you know, mental health. They both wrote the record together during quarantine when most of us ended up needing to face and addressing this topic. The lyrics perfectly capture one’s feeling of inescapability and being caught up in your own head with the ever relatable catch line: “This ain’t something I can die from, but this ain’t something I can hide from when I come home.” Taska says that “It’s like a burden that’s always there and it feels like a fight within yourself. It follows you everywhere and it doesn’t just stop when you close the door after a day of work.”

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Notaker- Echelon

Echelon” kicks off on an ominous note. From the get-go, a sizzling synth line begins working into focus alongside atmospheric elements. The midtempo cut breaks into a raspy riff that channels Notaker’s signature otherworldly pulsating synth touch. As soon as the production kicks into high gear, soothing keys usher in an entirely new feeling to the track, eventually blossoming into an uplifting wall of choral and synth chord work. Once more, “Echelon” bursts into a full-fledged dance anthem, this time utilizing a sharp contrast between the ethereal melodies and abrasive glitches. By the time it’s through, “Echelon” touches on countless electronic influences and showcases the gifted creative’s adventurous side. 

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Gotta Love The Rock

Big Mother Gig- That Day

Milwaukee-bred/LA-based indie rock band Big Mother Gig are pleased to present the brand new music video for “That Day,” the latest single to be lifted from the band’s recently released full-length album, Gusto (order). For this particular song, home videos and photographs taken from three generations of frontman Richard Jankovich’s family seemed to be only way to tell this story about a specific life event, trauma and how it can be passed down over several generations.

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Emily Kinney- When The Midnight Fireworks Start

Jullian Records and actress/singer-songwriter Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, ABC’s Ten Days In The Valley) are pleased to present the brand new music video for “When the Midnight Fireworks Start,” a track lifted from Kinney’s recently released full-length album, The Supporting CharacterDirected by Davy Greenberg, shot by Sam Price (@esbyprice) and premiering today with BUST Magazine, “When the Midnight Fireworks Start” is a moon ceremony, a sort of letting go of the past and focusing on where Kinney sees her music going in the future. Filmed during the last full moon, the clip also serves as a little prayer to the universe to help Kinney find the best path for her and the music. Watch the music video via BUST HERE and on YouTube HERE.

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