Modify The Way You Listen To Tunes


Ready to become the master of your favorite tunes? Music and the way it is experienced is always evolving. Everyone loves to have a personal experience, and this drive has pushed innovators to find creative ways for us to change the music to our own shifting moods. Of course, we know all about the earlier formats like tape, vinyl, and CD, which provided us many years of nostalgic memories. These days, most of us turn to playlists and streaming services to create our own soundtrack for our lives. But what if the music was never finished until you played it? It’s now possible to ‘modify’ music as you hear it. Enter the most epic remix ever.
This noteworthy new app is conceived and designed by electronic music producer/DJ and technology pioneer Josh Gabriel (one-half of the legendary GRAMMY-nominated electronic music act Gabriel & Dresden). As a result, Modify is a new kind of music app that allows anyone to remix in real-time music created by your favorite dance music artists. Simply by using your fingers on the touch screen of a phone, you decide how the music should sound. Epic.




Everything about this app is all about interactivity and all songs are remixable.

Any user, can in a few short steps, add their own remixable song, browse the existing library for familiar artists and make new discoveries. You can create your own fire remixes to share with your friends! One of the most important features of Modify is the ability to grow a community around a meaningful connection of artists and fans. This app will allow new artists to emerge, fans to have new exciting experiences, and show respect for everyone and the creative process. You’ll feel right at home with the intuitive interface featuring a Feed, Discover, Library, and Account section. You can Follow, Like, Comment/DM with other users and every member of Modify can post. Community is everything!


Josh Gabriel and his team are passionate about music and at its core. As a result, Modify’s remixing engine would be nothing without good music to play.  They’ve partnered with the best of the best, influential electronic music label Black Hole Recordings, and 20 of their amazing artists so that you’ll have plenty of music to get you started enjoying Modify right away. Black Hole artists participating in Modify include Andain, Andy Moor, Arkham Knights, BT, Christina Novelli, Cold Blue, Craig Connelley, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gardenstate, Markus Schulz, Mark Sherry, M.I.K.E. Push, Nifra, Solarstone, SOMNA, Pavel Khvaleev, Richard Durand, Robert Nickson, Roger Shah, and Sean Tyas.


“I’ve been working since the 1980s experimenting with different ways for people to use simple controls to create and manipulate music in real-time. Being a DJ//producer/songwriter for the past 20 years has given me the opportunity to meet music lovers all over the world and understand the power of music to connect people. Modify was born out of the idea of giving the joy of making and creating music to people with a passion but no musical or technical experience. We have had interactive “movies” in the form of video games for decades now, but no equivalent currently exists for music. Our hope is to pioneer interactive music/visual experience to give music fans unique control over the music they love” – Josh Gabriel


Help Modify come to life with your participation as a Kickstarter backer. The funds raised by this Kickstarter will allow for the completion of the final stages of development and bring the  App to the iOS and Android stores. Click here to learn more about Modify and to choose from a variety of unique rewards offered by the project creator for backing the project. 

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