Moovin’ Festival Is Moovin’ Right Along!

Moovin’ Festival is moovin’ right along! The festival is coming up soon! We were able to interview the promoters behind Moovin’ and there are a ton of great things happening there!
1. Firstly, how did Moovin Festival first come about?
The Festival started in 2014. At the time I was coming towards the end of my time running the infamous Sankeys nightclub in Manchester and had a rare weekend off over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. I heard a friend Herbie Saccani was throwing a party on a local farm called “Moovin” I headed down into the countryside with a few friends to check it out and was welcomed by the most beautiful entrance & site and a few hundred people dancing in a converted cow barn.  It was very stripped back little or no security almost like an illegal rave, it just had a great vibe,  I loved it and wanted to get involved so I did
2. Which music genres inspired Moovin Festival? 
The bookings are basically acts we love and admire, luckily it seems to have worked and attracts a great crowd which helps make Moovin so special. I just wish I got to see more of all these amazing acts but were always so busy running around like mad all weekend. We always joke about why are we all working when there’s an amazing party going on :0) 
3. The festival is becoming ever more popular. Would you consider expanding to a larger space? 
Truth be told we have probably outgrown the site but I don’t think we would ever move. The site is so beautiful and the way it’s laid out is a wonderful setting for a really unique intimate Festival experience. We actually don’t want to get any bigger as feel it would lose something were just happy with where we are and feel very lucky to have found our home.
4. Moovin seems to attract quite a varied crowd, similarly in some way to a Glastonbury crowd. Would you say you try to target a certain audience?
As mentioned there’s no real science behind it we just book the acts we love and luckily it attracts a great crowd.
5. There’s been some incredible talent and world renowned acts playing Moovin’ in recent years. Who is the dream booking? 
Thank you!  The dream booking.. well there’s one American act have been trying to get for the last few years but has never worked out, it’s tricky because they don’t fly and would only come over on a very specific ship.. oh and with a stop off in the Caribbean (Nice work if you can get it) I’m still working on it and am close, so hopefully you will see them Headlining next years line up x 
6. This year’s lineup features some incredible names. Which one excites you the most? 
To be honest, every act I book excites me!  For me, everyone from headliners to opening acts to performers are all FIRE!  The thing that does excite me the most is the reaction of the crowd when they may be seeing an act they have never heard of or for the first time especially the WFT moments ….and trust me there are a lot of them :0) 
8. Finally, in your opinion, what makes an event/festival successful? I think the organic growth of the festival and the crowd it attracts as well as the festival site and keeping it intimate is a big part of Moovin’s success. The amazing team and I really do put our heart & soul into the party and would like to think it shows. 
Tickets are available HERE!