The Power of Podcasts

Podcast Power

Where do you get your music? I know a lot of people use streaming services, such as Spotify or Apple Music. Soundcloud is a top hit as well. Personally, I use Spotify to listen to my tunes but I also use podcasts! Podcasts are a free way to check out the latest hits. Many people assume that podcasts are just talking but this is not true at all! There are tons of music-related shows out there. The best part?? It’s free!!

I remember when my buddy told me about Monstercat (seriously, thank you Brady!). I had no idea that they even existed! I knew about Soundcloud, but honestly, I’ve never been good at navigating Soundcloud.  I was thrilled at all of the new music I found and wished I had found this sooner!

Podcast Meme

The best way to find new podcasts is through the Podcast app on Apple Music or Google Play Music. I’m more familiar with the Apple side, so Android users, all of these might not be available on the Google side.

The podcasts automatically download to my phone for me after I click the subscribe button. After I listen to them, they automatically delete themselves. Another great perk? I turn cellular data off for the podcasts app so I’m never using any data when I listen to the podcasts. I’m not positive about how that works on an Android phone, but you can definitely try it out!

My Favorite Podcasts

My personal favorites are Monstercat: Call of the Wild, Tritona, Kannibalen, and Hardwell on Air. These all update weekly so I’ve always got fresh tunes. Some others that are available are A State of Trance (Armin), Night Owl (Insomniac) Radio, Above and Beyond Group Therapy, Andrew Rayel, 3LAU’S House, and so many more. Seriously, they are not lacking for content! If I downloaded all of these, I would be listening to music constantly it feels like! A lot of the record companies produce their own podcasts to showcase all of the artists on them.

Do you have any tips on how to get the latest music? How do you listen to the mixes? Comment and let me know.

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