Pressure is On- Check out Charlie Zane’s New EP

Newcomer Charlie Zane releases Pressure EP

The track is out now on SNAILS’ Slugz Music Imprint.
Slugz Music introduces Charlie Zane and his new EP Pressure, out now. With trippy post-apocalyptic cover art and headbanging bass, Zane’s new music will put you in the mood to party. Zane hails from Ontario. Excision and Jauz have even given the producer attention. Last year he found a partner in SNAILS, the Montreal producer who started Slugz in 2018. Since then, the label has steadily added to their dub/bass artist repertoire. SNAILS said he instantly new Zane “had it” and the label is “excited to have him a part of the family.”
Zane says his inspiration comes from music that’s “different” and “high energy”. Listeners will find themselves in fast 80s synth bangers that rise to ethereal ends. Hear Zane’s unique blend of melody and aggression in tracks “Pressure” and “Do or Die” today! The vomitstep is on guys.
Regarding the signing of Charlie, SNAILS explains: “A good friend of mine and A&R for the label came across one of Charlie’s tracks in a promo and sent it my way and I instantly knew this kid had it. Super excited to have him a part of the family”
“This EP is a reflection of my passion for bass music, and who I am as an artist. My inspiration came from wanting to create something that sounds different with high energy. Also, I wanted to express my personality through this project since I’m drawn to two different styles of bass music: melodic and aggressive. I’m beyond excited to announce that my two-track EP will be released on Slugz music.” – Charlie Zane

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