RebEarth Gathering: South Carolina’s Permaculture Gathering

Join us in The Cherokee Foothills of Upstate South Carolina at Hidden Hills in Marietta this Friday, May 3rd- Sunday, May 5th for an All-Ages RebEarth Gathering during Beltane weekend! We are calling in a coming together. This grass-roots gathering is focused on the values and awareness of our power, of our relationships with our bodies, humanity, and LIFE on this incredible planet.

The intention is to create a space to open to a deep remembering of our connection here on Earth and to move into greater conscious impact. We have invited leaders and innovators of this bioregion to share with us what is possible in the present world we live in and expanding for our futures on multiple levels, with sustainable practices on micro and macro levels in ever-changing environmental and technological times, and we encourage the curious and caring to join us.

This gathering offers empowering workshops, permaculture, communication, self-development, and exploration for relationship building through the life span and bridges where ancient wisdom and modern science meet, yoga, qi gong, breathwork, and healing arts. Elements of sound will be featured at this event bringing awareness to this powerful element of daily life that science shows, is a technology that can be used for growing self-awareness. This event will be an opportunity to relax deeply with sound, whether you dance, do yoga, or meditate. We are featuring sound artists with various mediums of sonic presentation, from drumming, to crystal bowls, indigenous tribal inspired music and roots to Ambient soundscapes.

This event serves to bring ceremony to the earth with the people, to raise awareness to environmental communication and connection, and to raise funds for an exciting cause- a Grassroots Community Center with no Wi-Fi that serves as a gathering place for educational workshop space for sustainable practices and the production of a Southern-inspired Kombucha company creation. Check it out HERE!!!