San Holo Made Me See The Light!

With San Holo on the rise as an artist, his show in Albuquerque, New Mexico was a must-see. This happened at El Rey Theater in downtown Albuquerque this past January 14th. Showing up the security was very friendly and it seems as though they hired more security which was nice to see. Making people feel comfortable and safe should also be a top priority at a show or festival.

ODDKIDOUT was the opener and he killed his set with a steady mix of up-temp waves he was pushing out to his audience. He’s an underrated artist you should see if you get the chance.

Droeloe was next up and I have been waiting to see his set for years now. This one hit hard as I am familiar with all his sounds and music. I was especially thrilled with his song “I Can’t-Wait” relating to Covid times. He is such a humbling artist with his work.

San Holo’s set came on shortly after Droeloe and the production that he brought was off the charts. The projection of visuals onto a white sheet cloth for his entrance was stunning. This was a very special set as he mixed some old songs with newer ones off his Album “Essential Dance Music” hints at the “EDM Tour”. He even brought up another artist to play a remixed version of one of his own songs. Love to see artists supporting other artists. The crowd was truly friendly and one could tell they were there for the music, not just the party. If you haven’t seen this man’s San Holo play live yet, I highly recommend that you do. Emotions will be triggered, good vibes will be held high and plenty of smiles will be going around.

Here is a Facebook link to the photos taken.