Sol Fest Was Fun In The Sun!

Attending Sol Fest for the first time was an absolute journey! The festival, taking place on May 2nd through the 5th at Vortex Springs, was created for us to remember those we lost, to give ourselves and each other a little more appreciation and to create amazing new memories. On top the of a stacked lineup, SolFest also hosted an array of vendors, workshops, and art installations all by a natural spring. There was unlimited excitement. 

Each morning the Body Stage set the vibes with fun house music with performances by Clozee, Dr Fresch, Levity, and Netsky to name a few. This stage was placed right next to the spring so attendees could cool off from the Florida heat and relax on floaties. There was also a deeper water section with a diving board, jumping platform, and a swing to get the adrenaline going. Campers had the right idea bringing their coolers and inflatable couches to enjoy the day party and to keep the dancing and flowing going.

As the evening approached each day, the performances would transition from the Body to the Sol stage. This stage was the most mesmerizing with the captivating visuals, pyro, and the insane amount of lasers! With amazing sets ranging from jazzy with Papadosio, to grooving with Big Gigantic, experimenting with Of the Trees, getting low with Rezz and high with LSDream. This stage also had breathtaking performances by Elderbrook, Opiuo, Daily Bread, Imanu, Maddy O’Neal, and many more who brought their unique sound, visuals, and energy. There were even flow artists showcasing different talents with all sorts of props, fire, the lyra, and silks. The best part is, that Sol Fest doesn’t have any conflicting sets so ravers got the chance to explore new artists or to walk the venue and have time to discover all of the offerings.

The Mind stage would have everyone head banging until the end of the night. This stage hosted more dubstep with sets by Nghtmre, G Jones, Peekaboo, Dirt Monkey, and Manic Focus. Although a slightly smaller stage, the production was incredible with no shortage of lasers, and felt more intimate. The dedicated ravers could satisfy their need for wubs until late at night or explore the Sol Sanctuary stage nestled in the forest that kept the vibes going. This was a small stage with secret sets surrounded by trees with plenty of hammocks, art work, and of course lasers. The community also threw many renegades so there truly was never a dull moment at this festival.

Sol Fest also included many workshops each day to help us feel more grounded and come together as a community with yoga, painting, journaling, energy healing, flow art, and Zumba. Sunday is the most memorable starting the day with LSDream’s Lightcode sound healing to really soak up the weekend and go within. The Sol Ceremony also took place on the last day, attendees had the opportunity to submit a picture of a loved one who passed away to be included in the memorial slideshow. The effigy burn took place at night to symbolize a release and healing from loss, this was truly a beautiful experience witnessing the entire community band together.

As an incredible experience as Sol Fest was, there were also a few flaws to mention. Due to rainfall, early arrival was delayed which caused many a headache upon arrival with miscommunication between staff. The campgrounds had a lack of signage initially, making it hard to navigate but this was addressed the following day. As Sol Fest continues to grow, there remains room for development and improvement but I believe in its potential to evolve into something truly exceptional.

The resonance of Sol Fest memories reverberates with unforgettable performances, experiences, and a sense of community that lingers in the heart. Sol Fest stands out as a unique festival with unparalleled intentions. Even the stage names were meticulously chosen with purpose: the Body stage ignited dancing and movement; the Sol stage delivered mesmerizing performances and production that resonated deeply with our souls; and the Mind stage harmonized everyone to the same frequency, moving to the rhythm. As we wrap up this unforgettable journey, we eagerly anticipate what Sol Fest 2025 will unveil.”