Summer Camp Announces Phase Two Lineup!

Summer Camp Announces Their Phase Two Lineup!

I don’t know about you, but I am psyched for Summer Camp 2021! I’ve personally been for the past five years (excluding last year, of course. UGH 2020!) and I am so excited to be back to one of my absolute favorite festivals! Summer Camp 2021 is going to be LEGENDARY. SCamp just announced phase two of their lineup and oh boy- are you in for a treat. In addition, they announced their Red Barn Late Night shows and their Sunday-only lineup. Are you ready to join the party this August 20-22 in Chillicothe, Illinois?


First off, we’ve got this killer lineup! Phase two introduced some BIG names and I’m super excited that Subtronics was added. Honestly, SCamp always brings the HEAT! Now let’s talk about them Red Barn shows! The Red Barn shows are insane afterparties held in an air-conditioned barn. Now the tickets are extra, but these shows are limited! If you were lucky enough to snag those VIP tickets, you have got some choices for the Red Barn shows. Personally, Clozee b2b LSDream sounds insane!

If you can’t make SCamp for all three days, never fear because Sunday one day tickets are here! You can get a Sunday only pass and rage the day away. This has always been a SCamp tradition and you can check out the one day lineup HERE!


phase two

Shortly before the festival, I’ll be back to share more information about the lineup and things to do. SCamp has some great workshops and activities including yoga, glass blowing, permaculture workshops, etc. We will know more about that soon. Also- here’s a hint for you. Super Heady Tacos is a go to for food and you’ve got to check out the Chorizo stuffed bread made in a clay oven. OMG. 

Well- I’m excited to see everyone at SCamp! Grab those tickets here!