Taylor Kade Will Bring You Back To Life

Taylor Kade pushes future bass boundaries with debut EP, “Back To Life”

This is one for the books! Taylor Kade presents his future bass, four-track EP, ‘Back to Life’. An Icon Collective graduate and featured host on Dash Radio’s Insomniac Radio presenting daily show, “Happy Hour with Taylor Kade,” ‘Back to Life’ marks Taylor Kade’s debut Circus Records EP. 

About Back To Life


Recently released over the summer, Taylor Kade & Nick Ledesma’s “Talk to Me” featuring GLNNA opens the EP in true Taylor Kade fashion. The memorable, catchy tune features both producers’ distinctive bass style effortlessly paired with GLNNA’s pop vocals, resulting in a captivating track for the ages. Seriously, from the first 10 seconds of this track, I was in love. It was just the start of what was to come in this captivating EP!



The EP’s title track, “Back to Life,” was produced in collaboration with Californian singer-songwriter, Kat Nestel. Kat has appeared on American Idol, which is iconic in itself! In addition, she collaborated with Dutch electronic duo Vicetone on “No Way Out” (via Spinnin’ Records) as well as “Nothing Stopping Me” and “Angels.” The new track, “Back to Life” embodies the vibe and spirit of the EP with high-energy, emotive production. Did anyone else add this whole EP to their playlist?


“Make My Way” with DIION features vocalist and fellow Icon Collective graduate, Meredith Bull. She has previously collaborated with LSDREAM and “Talk to Me” Co-Producer, Nick Ledesma. Taylor Kade shows his musical versatility and the heavier side of his production style, which is seamlessly matched with DIION’s signature sound. Anyone else in love with this EP?


Closing out the EP, Taylor Kade brings GLNNA’s dreamy vocals back to the forefront with transcendent tune, “Open Ur Eyes.” It is pretty awesome that GLNNA is brought back to close out the EP!

Out now on Circus Records

Featuring collaborations with some of the most exciting talents on the scene, ‘Back to Life’ is a non-stop treat in versatility and dynamic bass music. Each track brings forth its own catchy, unique sound which also, individually, lends strength and flow to the EP as a whole. Taylor Kade’s exciting new release is filled with melodic electronic music sure to satisfy bass-heads and pop music fans alike. I fell in love instantly!



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