The Festival Voice Presents: Dopapod Interview

Hey everyone! Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Neil from Dopapod at Summer Camp Music Festival. It was truly an honor to be able to chat with him at SCamp about their new album, which was actually dropped at the live set that day at SCamp! Sadly, due to the lines to get in, I had to miss out on the set but I am here to share the interview with all of you! We had some good laughs before, during, and after the interview!


Dopapod’s self-titled album is truly one of magic. Neil talks about how the band worked together and came up with something wonderful. And one of my favorite parts is a board game, called Building A Time Machine, is included! Without getting into too many details, (you’ll have to watch the interview for more!) Dopapod’s vinyl includes a board game that the band created! Two things in one, pretty cool right? You can check their Facebook page for a few bonus hints about the board game! Purchase the album and game on their website. Supporting artists by buying their merch is one of the best way to help them make money!

Check out the full interview with Dopapod!