The First Phoenix Warehouse Project: Weekend Recap

As you may have heard, Relentless Beats has started an exciting new series of shows called, the Phoenix Warehouse Project, that will take place all throughout warehouse spaces in downtown Phoenix. Their first launch of this series was just this past weekend and it took place at Warehouse 215! I think for their first show, the Phoenix Warehouse Project was a success!


Night 1 featured Green Velvet- with his vibrant green mohawk- who had the whole place vibing to a very tech house heavy set, San Pacho who brought some spicy Latin house music, and TOBEHONEST who played another hypnotizing tech house set. Night 2, Dr Fresch had everyone jumpin’ with variations of house and bass house music, while BIJOU brought all the vibes with his hip-hop and classic house set, and Black V Neck with their inventive take on house music. The music on both nights was amazing but if I had to pick, I’d say for me, night 2 was better. I’m definitely a bass girly so hearing some bass house music had me dancing the WHOLE time and on a complete vibe. The two highlights of the weekend for me were getting to hear Green Velvet play a remix of, “You and Me” by Flume, while singing and dancing in a smoke-filled room where all you could see was the reflection of green and yellow lasers, and then getting to see BIJOU play, “Syren” by Anyma and Rebuke, while a blue laser light show captivated the room.

The overall vibes of the warehouse were pretty high the whole time. Relentless Beats elevated the experience with the Weird and Wonderful performers-who were dancing on platforms all over the warehouse- and also with the vibrant production of lights and lasers that they brought. I honestly wasn’t expecting the lasers to be as good as they were, but they certainly exceeded my expectations with a beautiful production. There was also a giant chandelier in the middle of the room that shone as the lasers reflected off it, making it even more of a vibe.

As soon as you walked in, the warehouse had almost an “elevated barnyard” type of feel with a rustic wood and brick design and large open doors- allowing it to be pretty spacious. Even though I spent most of my time at the main stage, there were three stages, which was nice if you wanted to get out of the busier main stage and see different parts of the warehouse. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and it was generally easy to move around. Only towards the front of the main stage it was a bit packed, but once you started moving around and dancing, everyone would adjust and there would be space. They also kept the place groovin’ till 3am, which was a nice change from typically having to shut down the party at 2am.

Overall, I had such a great time at the first Phoenix Warehouse Project and I’m very excited to attend future projects! They’ve actually just announced the next project taking place on May 3rd which will be featuring Walker & Royce and Westend. I can’t wait to be in the warehouse and united through all types of house music again. I hope to see you at the next one 🙂