The Phoenix Lights Return


Phoenix Lights is back in 2019 bigger and badder than ever! Going strong since 2015, Relentless Beats has been a force to be reckoned with in the festival scene. This year on their 5th successful invasion in 2019, you want to be abducted by them this year.  Phoenix Lights returns to Phoenix, Arizona April 5th and 6th for some seriously good times and the line up is versatile and lively.  Relentless Beats has some bangin’ headliners such as Big Gigantic, A$AP FERG, Malaa, Excision, and GriZ. Just to name a few!  There are so many incredible artists coming playing at Phoenix Lights this year you will never be bored.  You can see the lineup below! 

Phoenix Lights doesn’t just stop at their lineup being incredible, but also what they offer people at the festival as well.  They have water stations located in convenient areas, as well as people called The Rangers who walk around and make sure everyone is cool and hydrated.  Food and drinks are also available in many different areas for your convenience. They also feature some out of this world sculptures and art for you to soak in when you aren’t paying attention to their amazing stage set ups. Here’s the 2019 Trailer Video and the 2018 After Movie to show you what you can expect!

   If you haven’t gone to a Phoenix Lights Festival before here are a few tips so you are prepared for the desert fun!  In previous years that I have attended, it is VERY hot and can stay consistently hot into the evening.  Make sure to bring a water spray bottle and a fan to cool you and your homies off during the festival.  It’s essential!  Additionally, make sure everyone has adequate water to stay hydrated.  A lot of people can get heat stroke in this weather and hydration is key.  Make sure to wear some kind of face protection as well, there is a lot of dust in the desert and it can get into your lungs and irritate them.  Save yourself from the wook cough.  Most importantly, stay safe and keep that good vibe going!  See you in outer space!