Top Artists To See At Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts Festival is coming up super quick and we’ve got the lowdown on some of the top artists you should see at Desert Hearts 2024! Although we’re sharing a few of our favorites, be sure to check out the underdogs and new sets as you may find your next favorite artist!

Walker & Royce

Walker & Royce, aka Sam Walker & Gavin Royce, are a New York City-based tech-house duo. The duo started working together in 2011 after years of crossed connections in the dance scene. Crosstown Rebels noticed one of their early releases and signed Walker & Royce. The label released their debut EP “You’re Not Welcome” which launched the duo into the spotlight. Following this, the duo had their track OFF Recordings “Connected” become a house anthem. From there, Walker & Royce started getting tracks picked up by various DJs including the chart-topping remix of Baunz’ “Out the Window” via Pets Recordings. The duo has joined Claude Vonstroke’s Dirtybird Records and plans to keep the momentum rolling. Their appearance on the Farm will be a vibe.


VNSSA has had a calling for music since she was a child. Originally from Newport Beach but now based in L.A., she started off as a drummer for local rock and indie bands. Shen then took to the booth and started DJing at local clubs and house parties. After building a fanbase from seven years of DJing and three years of producing, VNSSA dropped her debut single in 2018 on House of Hustle Records. From there she has dropped multiple EPs and singles on many labels including Dirtybird Records, Higher Ground, Dim Mak, Sweat It Out, Psycho Disco, Box of Cats, and Strangelow Recordings. She mainly spins all genres of house and techno with the occasional smattering of classic disco. VNSSA has performed at various festivals across the country including Coachella, Dirtbird Campout, Lightning in a Bottle, EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando, EDC Mexico, and Hard Summer. Bonnaroo will be the next big festival that she will take by storm.

Mikey Lion

Mikey Lion has been an established figure in the house and dance scene. He started with hip-hop but after Coachella in 2006, Daft Punk made him rethink his tune. Spreading love is his purpose. Since then, he worked to found Desert Hearts, the festival we all have come to love and cherish. It’s been a wonderful time since then, spreading love and joy! Desert Hearts is one of his favorite events to cherish.


Porky, or as he is also known as, David Leon is one of the biggest parts of Desert Hearts. He has been influenced throughout his time by his older brother, Mikey Lion, and has grown as an artist as he attended several different events over the years. Now, he is one of the best DJs in the house and techno game. Porky has performed in the mystical jungles of Tulum, Burning Man, and more these past few years. We’re all on the dancefloor together!

Lee Reynolds

Lee Reynolds brings a lifetime’s worth of experience to the dancefloor. First off, he drove his bike all the way to Los Angeles, which inspires his music on so many levels. Reynolds understands that a dance party should be a spiritual experience, one where we shake it and groove the night away. In 2011, he met a bunch of young kids barely out of their teens who wanted exactly what Lee Reynolds had spent his whole life cultivating. And thus- Desert Hearts was formed.

So who are you most excited to see? There are some great artists on the lineup but some of these have been behind Desert Hearts name… and we’re excited to see what happens next.