What To Expect At Your First EDCLV

Are you attending your first ever EDC Las Vegas this upcoming May? If so, buckle up baby because this is about to be the ride of a lifetime! This will be my third EDCLV, so I somewhat know what to expect, and can give you all the advice, and tips and tricks I have to offer!

At EDC you have the option to either camp or stay in a hotel. I think both have their own pros and cons but either way, you’re going to have a great time! If you’re staying in a hotel and driving to EDC, the biggest thing I would recommend is leaving way earlier than you think, because the traffic to get in is absolute madness. I would honestly advise you to try to snag a shuttle pass so you don’t even have to worry about driving and can get hype with everyone else on the shuttle! If you’re camping, you don’t have to stress about how to get there, but just be prepared for a party at ALL times during camp EDC. This can be a pro or a con depending on how much of a party animal you are, but the biggest advice I would give to you if you’re camping is, make sure to REST. You may have some fomo from not going to each and every after party and pool party, but trust me, you’ll want to set aside designated time to rest and recover so you can dance the whole night away in the venue!

Now that you’ve made it to the venue, get ready to walk in. The moment you walk through the tunnel and get to see the full Speedway and all its beauty, you will be absolutely stunned. You are looking out over all of EDC and get a pretty amazing view of the stages, art installations, and all the lights and lasers: You quite literally will have stars in your eyes. But this is just where the magic begins, because you will then walk down the stadium stairs and into a world of pure beauty and enchantment, as they’ve created so many things to do and see at EDC- you’re in for a real treat.

On top of seeing all the amazing artists that are on the lineup, you can go on carnival rides, explore Downtown EDC (where they have things like bars, karaoke, a kandi casino, a theatre, and lots more), see tons of people getting married and have their weddings, see DJs play on art cars (and maybe even get to dance on one), look at all the beautiful art instillations that EDC is chalked full of, stumble upon an unexpected/ surprise set, and even search for places like hidden speakeasy’s! You truly will never be bored as there is always somewhere/something to explore! On top of all these amazing activities, another thing I love about EDC is, each night they have a firework show. I would highly recommend to stop what you’re doing, and take those minutes to fully be present and in the moment. I would even highly suggest sitting in the stadium stands one of the nights as they go off, because you’ll have the opportunity to see lots of other fireworks at each stage as artists play, but fully experiencing the designated firework show is always my favorite part. It is pure euphoria when you’re under the dazzling fireworks and take the time to realize you are at EDC and experiencing possibly some of the best moments of your life.

I know it sounds like there’s endless things to do and see (and that’s because there is), but don’t stress about seeing everything and catching every set. Have 1-2 artists that you don’t want to miss and are your “non-negotiables”, but then let the vibes and energy of what you’re feeling and what’s around you take you on a journey into the unexpected. Any set or any place you go will be full of fun and magic, don’t worry 😉

Now that we’ve talked about all the fun stuff EDC has to offer, let me remind you of the things that aren’t as fun, but equally as important. EDCLV is currently the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. This means there will be a LOT of people attending and unfortunately, that leaves room for activities that aren’t very plur- such as pickpocketing/theft and overcrowding/pushing. I would recommend getting an anti theft backpack or even a lanyard for your phone that attaches to you, making it way harder to steal. Just be aware that these things happen at big festivals like this, so be on alert regarding your stuff and your surroundings. As far as overcrowding and pushing, since there are a lot of people, it might get a bit tight at times, but always remember to say excuse me and be kind when going through crowds. I always recommend trying to approach a stage from the side and move in that way, versus trying to go through the middle. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with these things, but if you do, it’s always better to be alert and prepared!

There is so much more that could be said about EDCLV, but I think it’s better if you just get out there and experience it for yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Each year I tell myself I’m not going, but then I’m reminded of all the beautiful memories and magic I experienced, and I just have to do it all over again! I hope to be united with you under the electric sky, and I can’t wait for you to experience all these beautiful things for yourself! Have fun and enjoy the ride <3