What’s Up With Solshine Reverie?

Summer Camp is by far one of my absolute favorite music festivals. There are so many amazing things happening and the best part is that it all takes place 2 hours from my house. I’ve gone to Summer Camp every year since 2014- and I do not plan to stop! You can check out my review of last year HERE! This year, however, the festival is making some changes. The most noticeable is the name, Summer Camp is no more. The new festival is Solshine Reverie.

So why the changes? Honestly, I was unsure of why my favorite festival was changing. There were a LOT of rumors flying around and finally, Ian Goldberg addressed some of these changes and the WHY behind the changes. You can check out the whole video HERE! It is worth the watch but it is an hour long, so I’ve highlighted some of the things I learned in my research. Covid changed everything, for starters. Of course, income was lost when the festival was canceled, and navigating the following year was challenging for the team behind SCamp. But one of the biggest changes was the fact that people aren’t showing up to work and the festival struggled to make things happen. The festival just grew and grew at an exponential rate, which they couldn’t keep up with. The festival will be much more manageable this year.

Things That Are Changing

-Less Umphrey’s McGee and less Moe. This is a HUGE change as they are some of the artists that play constantly throughout the festival. As I’ve said before, it’s not “Are you checking out Moe and Umph?” It’s “WHEN” are you checking them out? They’re staples of the festival and you have to check them out at least once. They are actually doing a GROUP SET this year!

-The stages will be changing this year. The Sunshine and Starshine stages will not be present but the Campfire Stage will be growing. Fewer stages overall mean there will be fewer artists playing at the same time, which means you don’t need to run around the festival as much! Winning! One of the new concepts is having the headliners for Jam playing on Moonshine while Campfire hosts the EDM. Then it will SWITCH to have the headlining EDM artists on Moonshine and Campfire will host the Jam.

-The Solshine concept will be a feature of the festival. While the tent itself is gone, they have expanded their reach to give back to the community and do good for everyone. Everything about the Solshine concept will be bigger and better than ever!

-4 AM CURFEW!! Let’s PARTAY! That’s a huge change from past years. In the past, things have tapered down at 2 AM but now, we can keep the party going even later. I better get my energy drinks ready because that’s going to be a struggle!

Things That Are The Same

-The camping layout is staying the same! One of my favorite things about the festival is that you are all in. Once you’re in, you don’t have to go through security over and over again. I love that I can run back to camp and grab a quick snack before heading back to my favorite set.

-Field day is also staying the same- and there’s a huge debate about the kickball game! Make sure you check out field day as it’s a blast.

-The Illumination Woods will be back and bigger than ever!

-Frick Frack is back! If you’re not familiar with that, it’s the casino where you can bet anything but money. Such a fun place!

So you’ll need to get those tickets! People are grabbing them already. If you want to grab VIP, there are so many benefits. If you only want to go for one day, grab those Sunday 1 day tickets. Keep in mind, that things are smaller this year, so there will most likely be LESS tickets so you’ll want to grab them soon! Get ready for Solshine Reverie!