24 Hour Brunchy-Q-Partython- DGTL LIB

Do LaB Announces DGTL LIB 2: 24 Hour Brunchy-Q-Partython to Take Place of 2021 Flagship Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Lightning in a Bottle, we sure have missed you these past two years! Things have just been so crazy! However, despite the distance between everyone, Do LaB has continued innovating to ensure they are making their audience happy with virtual events! Check out the lineup for DGTL LIB 2, taking place Memorial Day Weekend, May 29-30. Continuing the path set forth by the digital debut in 2020, fans can expect all the musical curation, mischief and quirkiness, cause-driven education, and wellness offerings that make this a standout virtual experience. Epic! Plus we can all enjoy it from the safety and comfort of our homes!

DGTL LIB comes at a pivotal time for North American music as the event simultaneously releases tickets for Lightning in a Bottle 2022 reclaiming Memorial Day Weekend for what will surely be a surreal physical reunion for its community. Lightning Sale for the 2022 event to take place May 25-June 1 at https://www.libfestival.org/. We can’t wait to be back! But in the meantime, we will enjoy this virtual event!



All about DGTL LIB

This year’s DGTL edition welcomes a taste of the historically eclectic LIB musical programming. Of course, you’re going to get the amazing lineup that you’ve come to expect from LIB. For starters, the lineup is topped by North American electronic originator MOBY, globetrotting house and techno icon Seth Troxler, genre-defying duo SOFI TUKKER, and superstar vocalist and dj ALUNA. Absolutely killer! But of course, you’ve got more! The lineup is a testament to the coming together of styles that LiB has always forged and continues with the likes of Purple Disco Machine, Patrice Baumel, Mikey Lion, WhoMadeWho, Sango, The Polish Ambassador, TSHA, Tor, HOLLY, The Librarian, Desert Dwellers, and more

Not only will performers curate one-of-a-kind sets for guests to enjoy, but artists like MOBY, Desert Dwellers, Megan Hamilton, and Mikey Lion will perform in favorite LIB stages. I can’t wait to see how they do this digitally! The team will recreate the stages as digital environments by Vita Motus Design Studio to create a full immersive experience. From the colorful tendrils of the Woogie to the striking bass-heavy temple of The Stacks, there’ll be a musical home for everyone. The pioneers plan to utilize Unreal Engine technology and leveraging live production expertise. As a result, all elements of a real production are able to seamlessly integrate and bring an engaging broadcast to life from various remote locations, including set design, lighting design, video mapped content, embedded performances, camera capture, and more.


There Are Workshops Too?

Following the Opening Ceremonies, digital revelers can also expect all the immersive workshops and surprises curated by The Compass. The events are some of my favorite aspects of the festival, that is for sure! The event’s signature education haven will showcase movement programming like Rise & Shine Vinyasa Yoga with Ayres Nouveau, The Mighty Wave of Change – A Kundalini Yoga Experience with Jai Dev, Thunder Before The Lightning – Stretch and Recover with Christian Bluford, and Samba Dance with Nicolea Pettis. Foodies will be glued to the screen for Seaweed-Shitake Mineral Broth with Steph Zhu, and Praise Cheezus! with Chef Perla. Those looking to dig a little deeper can get stuck into courses like Sexuality & Socialization: Deshamifying Your Turn-Ons with Jenny Mohr, a presentation on the future and present of psychedelics with MAPS, and more. These all sound super engaging!

Furthering their commitment to both the arts and digital innovation, Do LaB will welcome live painter Benidigital to the event and will be partnering with Modern.com to sell the original works as an NFT after the show, eternalizing the weekend as a piece of digital art for one lucky collector. Are you as sold as I am?

Do LaB regulars know best that it remains the wacky surprises and hidden turns that make the Lightning in a Bottle experience truly one of a kind. DGTL LiB strays not from this journey, welcoming signature immersive partners like The Jive Joint, Fungineers, William Close & The Earth Harp, and a slew of other bizarities you won’t find anywhere else.


Okay, I’m Sold! Take Me To DGTL LIB


DGTL LiB will kick off early for round two, with a restream of DGTL LiB 1.0 on Wednesday, May 26, a night of classic hits Live from the Mixtape on May 27th, and proper pre-party vibes from Patricio & Friends on Friday, May 28th.

If you can point to one thing that connects the diverse and fantastic LiB community it’s the shared resilience between event producer and attendee. It is this joint adventure that continues to define the experience within and beyond the gates of Lightning in a Bottle, spilling into the internet for now and forward to the idyllic shores of Buena Vista Lake on Memorial Day Weekend 2022. For now, gather your Do LaB family and join us for DGTL LIB on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/libfestival

Lightning in a Bottle 2022 Lightning Sale May 25-June 1


Pre-DGLT LiB 2.0 Programming:

Wed May 26th – DGTL LIB 1.0 re-stream featuring Tokimonsta, Shiba San & Justin Jay

Thurs May 27th – Live from the Mixtape / classic hits from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s all on cassette tapes (as seen at LIB!)

Friday May 28th – DGTL LIB pre-party featuring Patricio & friends

DGLT LiB Musical Lineup:


Desert Dwellers

G Jones b2b EPROM rerun




Megan Hamilton

Mikey Lion



Patrice Baumel

Purple Disco Machine

Red Giant Project


Seth Troxler


The Librarian

The Polish Ambassador




DGLT LiB Immersive Programming:


Talks, Classes & Workshops:

Opening & Closing Ceremonies w/ Isis Indriya & Eve Ladyapples + special guests

Rise & Shine Vinyasa Yoga w/ Ayres Nouveau

The Mighty Wave of Change – A Kundalini Yoga Experience w/ Jai Dev

Seaweed-Shitake Mineral Broth w/ Steph Zhu

Thunder Before the Lightning – Stretch and Recover w/ Christian Bluford

Sexuality & Socialization: Deshamifying your Turn-Ons w/ Jenny Mohr

Samba Dance w/ Nicolea Pettis

Calligraphy Painting with Popsicle Sticks w/ Amy Kells

Super Simple Summer Sorbet w/ Chef DeeDee Hopkins

Praise Cheezus! w/ Chef Perla

Kiss The Ground – Reversing Climate Change


The Jive Joint

William & the Earthharp

The Fungineers