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We’ve been lucky enough to have been graced with Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream for the past 10 years. The unique sounds have captured the imagination and hearts of music lovers everywhere. As a result, we’ve seen magical daytime experiences dedicated to the community as much as the music. On May 12-15, The All Day I Dream Festival will debut in the gorgeous and idyllic surroundings of California’s Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California to offer its first-ever weekend-long camping escape. Sounds like a dream come true!

As this is the FIRST year for this inaugural festival, expect to see some grand acts in this lineup! Lee brings together so many favorites from the ADID family from around the world and an eclectic mix of live acts at a serene natural setting. It’ll be one event you’ll want to take part in!

There will be some of the biggest and best at this festival! Heavy hitters like Anjunabeats’ trio Cubicolor, who often produce live vocals, guitar and synths to deliver melodic hits in the techno and house worlds, are just one of the amazing acts that will be there. Swedish electronic band Little Dragon will bring forth their unique style of unhurried, off-kilter R&B pop and electronics. Australian singer-songwriter and producer Ry X, known for fusing elemental emotions via live performances, will be joined by emotive electronic band GHEIST, who are set to offer their rich take on progressive house and techno textures. 

Truly, this is one event that will be unique!

Of course, you can expect to see some typical DJ formats, but also understand that live acts are at the core of this festival. Expect to see some of the best artists out there showing you their unique style! 

The lineup isn’t done yet, though. Also joining the mix in May is acclaimed producer Guy Gerber, whose accomplishments span working with Puff Daddy, helming the decks at Pacha, to curating the iconic RUMORS global party series. ADID Festival’s homegrown DJ lineup is topped by Sébastien Léger. This master has spent his 20-year career creating international hits to a recent Cercle performance at the Giza Pyramids. ADID’s veteran presence will additionally be held down by Gorje Hewek, a longtime label member and head of the Shanti Moscow Radio, Tim Green, a global dance star who entered the ADID family with 2020’s Vacation to Life EP, as well as cosmic powerhouse Öona Dahl. 

That isn’t all though, Zone+, who packs releases with All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, and Sol Selectas, will join fellow ADID Festival curator Hoj as well as Bona Fide, Gab Rhome, and Lauren Ritter. Add in Lost Desert, who will be performing alongside vocalist Junior, known for his iconic collabs on the imprint. Additionally, The Netherlands’ Matthew Dekay will help ring in this first full weekend ceremoniously.

Jan Blomqvist’s set will bring a Live show feel to the dancefloor with his self-coined ‘concert techno.’ This is going to be great! His virtuosic work as a solo artist and frontman of the band BLOMQVIST has yielded widespread acclaim from NY’s Zero Parties to Burning Man – and will surely create a dreamy moment at the inaugural event. Also billed – Tel Aviv’s Roy Rosenfeld, Argentinian Facundo Mohrr, and afro-house inspired acts like Pippi Ciez and Layla Benitez will add to the weekend’s progressive melodic palette.

We keep at it though because top-selling duo Volen Sentir contribute to the international intrigue alongside well-respected acts like YokoO and enigmatic deep house producer, Fulltone, who collectively boast releases with Crosstown Rebels, SATYA, and Klassified Music.

This festival will take you to dreamland! Reaching beyond its normal cast of Dreamers – ADID Festival stretches to all those seeking a curated and intentional experience. With its international lineup of artists, ADID Festival will be the first label event with all its collaborators in one place. Explore multiple stages including an iconic All Day I Dream branded stage, a stage featuring bands and live electronica acts, an ambient stage, and a late-night stage that will run through sunrise.  This is going to be one for the books!

Quote from Lee Burridge:

“We know that bringing together a legion of music fans with a massive line-up of all our All Day I Dream artists, while at the same time pushing our own boundaries by inviting live bands is going to create a weekend of heavenly experiences for artists and fans alike.”

There will be so much to do besides the music! Get rejuvenated throughout the whole festival weekend by the water. The Santuary will include YBR Promotions and Waking Hour Wellness founder Brittany Tilleman, and offers daytime programming of yoga, sound healing, and meditation. Your own mental health and wellness is at the core of this event! Various wellness activities will be scheduled each day to bring more bliss and balance to each Dreamer’s experience. Tilleman will be hosting the Waking Hour Sessions each morning with yoga and ambient beats provided by an all-star female crew. That’s awesome! Friday evening at sunset, join the Sound Immersion Experience with Danny Goldberg and Jeremy Falk Yoga. Goli Gabbay will be offering a couple courses in breathwork, mindfulness, and yoga in her Journey to Flow State + Serenity class, as well as her Union of the Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine. Programming will be available starting at 9am Fri-Sun until sunset. More offerings to be announced. 
The culture at this festival will be amazing! Experience a warm and welcoming culture that All Day I Dream has consciously fostered across its broad community of fans. You are an important part of the experience! The culture invites them to be as much part of the event’s vibe as the music itself. Furthering this, the festival’s ambitions offer the opportunity for attendees to experience positivity, happiness, and a sense of well being at every turn. Musical performance, culinary delights, art installations, as well as yoga, breathwork, and meditation are at the core of this festival.
Of course, the venue itself will help enhance the experience! Woodward Reservoir’s serene natural landscape presents the perfect backdrop to a weekend filled with love and creativity. Spend your time wandering, exploring, smiling, dancing, and mingling with an amazing array of beautiful and kindhearted dreamers. The musical soundtrack for the weekend concentrates on an emotive, melodic-driven vibe it brings together not only the All Day I Dream label’s diverse roster of global artists but, for the first time, invites headlining bands from the alternative electronic space who fall into the “feels” category. The festival line up promises a weekend of musical bliss whichever stage you visit.

The All Day I Dream festival invites longtime ‘dreamers’ and new faces alike to gather together next May and make new friends, fall in love, dance until dawn and dream up all kinds of fabulous fun together.

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