Apocalypse Zombieland is this Friday!

This upcoming Friday will be day one of Apocalypse Zombieland 2023 at The Queen Mary Waterfront in Long Beach, CA. Some critical information for parking lots and shuttles will be attached below so you have comfort getting to and from the festival. I know that writing this article right now is helping me plan accordingly for my parking, so I am grateful Insomniac provides these essential locations to access digitally. As a resident of Orange County, I will say if you are curious whether or not the weather will have you dying of the cool air, I wouldn’t worry too much since it is currently November, and two days ago, it was 80 degrees in Long Beach when I was visiting. The body heat of the crowds of lovely ravers will keep us all warm as we headbang and mosh to some awesome DJs like the infamous Excision. 

I am so excited to attend this festival. I have a friend from Bakersfield, CA, who will be staying with me at my house in Orange County for both days of the festival, and she’s even having dinner with me and my family tomorrow. Being back home at my family’s house in Fresno, CA, allowed me to invite my cousin, a soon-to-be Tri-Delta UC Davis grad, to attend her first-ever festival sometime with me in the future (she’s a house head). I hope whoever this article comes across is having a safe week, and you have a lovely holiday season to close out 2023. The Festival Voice loves each and every one of you, and our readers will always be a part of our family. See you this weekend at Apocalypse!