“Aravaipa”- New Single By Nico At Nite

Nico at Nite – “Aravaipa”

Epic new track alert for you! Nico at Nite is the new artist alias of Milwaukee-based producer/DJ Nico Bianco. His debut single, “Aravaipa,” features vocals from fellow Milwaukee-based artist Amanda Huff. In addition, it is set to release on December 11th, independently.




“Aravaipa” is an effervescent house single written while Bianco was quarantining deep in the Arizona desert.

Bianco began 2020 as the opening act for electronic house-duo Autograf during their national, 14-date “Ace of You” tour. However, by the second week of March 2020, COVID shutdowns prevented the tour from continuing. After that, with touring out the window, Bianco decided to quarantine with a friend in the Aravaipa Canyon. It is 20,000 acres of protected wilderness in southeast Arizona. The track’s beautiful melody carries inspiration of the primitive and unconfined landscapes Bianco witnessed in the desert. Additionally, regarding the featured vocalist, Bianco states:

“Amanda Huff was the perfect addition. After my ranting about the majestic scenery, it took us one night in the studio and her soaring voice to really bring it to life for the listener…” – Nico At Nite

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