Are Car Raves the Future In A Post-Pandemic World?

Are Car Raves The Future?

We all have probably heard about the infamous car raves that have been taking place all over the world. Currently, I don’t believe there are any concerts that are happening anywhere due to restrictions from COVID-19. It is a sad, sad day indeed. However, many places are taking measures to have car concerts or car raves where attendees take part in the concert from their cars. This meets all social distancing requirements. In most places, opening concerts and festivals are in the last phase of reopening the economy. 

But are car raves the future? Are they what people want? How will they work logistically? Currently, people in Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, the USA, and Denmark have been enjoying various concerts from their car. In addition, drive in movie theaters are on the rise. Similar to a drive in movie theater, cars listen to the concert through their car speakers on a radio frequency. This can be a blessing or a curse if you don’t have good car speakers (I went to the drive in movies with some friends who had terrible speakers and we could barely hear the sound… bad idea.)


Positives to Car Raves


The positives to these car raves are huge. First off, people get to enjoy the music they love while maintaining social distancing norms. Secondly, it allows artists, crews, workers, and venues to generate revenue, which as we all know, is much needed during this coronavirus pandemic. The EDM scene has been great at helping to generate some funds for those in need, but we know it isn’t the same. 


Questions That Still Need To Be Answered About Car Raves


Honestly, the concept of car raves is super cool but brings up a lot of questions logistically. For example, where do you go to the bathroom? Are bathrooms staffed or are they available? Are there refreshments or water available?

car rave

Can you come with your friends? If you are maintaining social distancing norms, the answer is probably no but will that be enforced? How many people can attend in a vehicle? At some German concerts, two were allowed per vehicle. Can you get out of your car and fraternize with your neighbors? How are these norms enforced? I would assume security would be present to maintain some of these rules. 

How do you leave? What if you get tired and want to leave early? Is it set up like a drive in where there are rows that are ready-made or enforced?

And my biggest question of all- how do we stop people from being intoxicated and driving? This is a huge question at any concert or festival already but thinking directly to the car- this breaks open container if anyone is drinking. Of course, people should do the right thing but how do we enforce this? Some bars offer free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers. Could there be perks like that included? Discounts on merch or even the ticket price for staying sober? How do we make this work? My guess is a constant stream of security monitoring this. 

I know after discussions with a lot of people on social media, there are some logistical problems with these car raves. They sound like an awesome idea but unless all these things are thought about, many people are skeptical about their safety. 


What Are Your Thoughts?


What do you think? Would you attend a car rave? Do you have questions, comments, or concerns about the car rave?

Artists are finding the idea challenging as well. It is hard to interact with the audience at these car raves. Are these the future in our post-pandemic world? I am for sure worried about the future of concerts and festivals but I have hope we will go back to normal. 

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