Good Enough with Man Cub on Enhanced!

Man Cub shares passionate new single “Good Enough”

Get ready for a fantastic new release you’ll have stuck in your head! Enhanced Music rising-star Man Cub shares his latest single “Good Enough.” The track features passionate vocals from Swedish songwriter JEN. The single comes alongside the exciting announcement of Man Cub’s forthcoming album Impressions, due out on Tritonal’s imprint on July 10th. If you’re a Tritonal fan, you’ll love this one! 



Good Enough
With his Wall-of-sound synths, punchy drums, and sublime guitar riffs, Man Cub’s distinct production style combines flawlessly with JEN’s soaring vocals. The single is a catchy, exhilarating single which surely sets the tone for his forthcoming artist album, a promising and exciting piece of work coming from the Enhanced Music camp.

“Once you fall in love with a song, it becomes really personal. It can mean something different once it becomes yours. So to me “Good Enough” feels more like my battle with being a good enough artist, and being good enough to share what I have with others” – Man Cub

The track follows up on previous singles “Worth It All” with Tritonal. In addition,  “Wrong To Let You Go” with APEK was a banging track. The Albuquerque based DJ steps up to the plate yet again with this hit new single!

Man Cub’s Impressions album will dive deeper into his production prowess, and showcase his budding talent, and the track is just the beginning. Ready to fall in love?


Photo by: frankiegomezphoto
Debut studio album Impressions out July 10th on Enhanced Music


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