Are Drive In Shows Worth It? Reviews From Fans

Are Drive In Shows Worth It?

Okay, so we’ve all had to adjust these past few months. Life as a concert-goer has really changed throughout this pandemic. That being said, promoters have really busted their asses trying to figure out ways to ensure we all get to do what we love, yet still stay safe throughout this pandemic. One of these new concepts was the drive in show. 

Before these were a thing, I posted an article sharing some of the pros and cons to drive in shows. This article was right at the very beginning when the whole concept was fresh. At that point in time, drive in shows were only happening in Europe. Of course, America followed suit and began their own version of the car rave shortly after.

First off, there are safety protocols in place at these events. I’ve done a lot of reading and the promoters are taking this seriously. For example, masks are required anytime you are outside of your vehicle. You have a designated space to park and dance in. You are not allowed to mingle with people from other cars and overall, from what I’ve heard, people are fairly respectful of this. I think we’re all just so grateful to be able to experience these awesome events! 


Reviews from People Who Went

While I haven’t personally been to one yet, I do know some others go to these events. I chose to ask some of them for their experiences to see what they thought of the event.

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One of our readers, Payton, shared this about her experience:

“I’m lucky enough to live in the Chicago area where a few drive in’s have popped up this year. The first show I attended was Big Gigantic and Manic Focus at a drive in with the music coming through your vehicles. You could tell everyone was so happy to be back at a live music event and the energy was so high! Everyone was very respectful of each other’s space and we had plenty of room to spread out and dance at our vehicles.
The 2nd show I’ve attended was Sunsquabi at the Lake Shore Drive in in Chicago. This venue really did an amazing job with sound and lights and visuals. It felt like being at a real show! Getting to sit on top of our cars to see the skyline behind the stage set up was truly magical. While they don’t match up to shows pre-quarantine, I’ve definitely been grateful to have live music to attend this year”
Another one of our readers, Amery, shared this:
” I really loved that the restrooms were clean and they had plenty of sanitation stations. Overall, it was a great show and even higher energy because of the shutdown. The event was well staffed to keep everyone in their area and masks on. It could have been louder. Additionally, ordering everything online to your car was a bit confusing and the selection not great. I had a great time though!”
What do you think? Would you attend a drive in rave? Have you been to one and want to share your story? Let us know by emailing