Are You A Part of The Lost Youth?

Midnight Kids share The Lost Youth EP 

Are you a part of The Lost Youth? This project is built for dreamers and late-night rebels. The EP is full of youthful spirit and sonic ingenuity. Finally, The Midnight Kids, (aka Dylan Jagger Lee and Kyle Girard) share The Lost Youth EP, out on RCA Records. 


Midnight Kids are paving a road all their own – combining dreamy 80’s synthwave, anthemic dance productions reminiscent of artists like Avicii and The Chainsmokers, with a touch of indie energy and fantasias similar to Passion Pit. As a result, their newest work is an 8-track EP delivering deep messages with the goal of bringing people closer through relatability. It’s a great one. 

About The EP The Lost Youth


Midnight Kids has three previously released singles including “Monsters,” “Last Time,” and “Run It” featuring Annika Wells. The track recently reached #1 at US Dance Radio, which means everyone enjoyed the track! The Lost Youth is the duo’s debut EP. The new tracks include “Everything That You Are,” a bright instrumental that helps set the tone for the EP’s sparkling energy. In addition, the EP includes “Break Away” feat. Lisa Goe, an 80’s-infused pop track as well as indie dance love song “Bad For You” (feat. 90’s Kids). Finally, the EP has the tracks “Higher” (feat. Opposite The Other) and intro track “Innocence.”


A project which showcases their inherent penchant for songwriting, The Lost Youth EP is eclectic yet cohesive, a perfect representation of the genesis of Midnight Kids. 


‘The Lost Youth EP’ Tracklist:
  1. Innocence                                      
  2. Everything You Are                          
  3. Run It feat. Annika Wells                              
  4. Break Away feat. Lisa Goe                          
  5. Monsters                               
  6. Bad For You feat. 90’s Kids                         
  7. Last Time                              
  8. Higher feat. Opposite the Other


The Lost Youth
Photo by Dan Franco


About Midnight Kids:

Midnight Kids rally around a youthful sentiment crafted by dreamers, believers, and late-night rebels. In a world that prides itself on being more connected than ever, the same cannot be said about its people who tuck their fears, doubts, and insecurities under the covers. Midnight Kids are rewriting the script. For example, they are encouraging people to be comfortable with their story. Midnight Kids’ story began a couple of years ago when Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee first met online and instantly connected on a vision and sound they were both striving toward. Isn’t the internet a wonderful, awesome thing?!?!


Since then, they’ve been able to put their distinct, 80s-inspired spin on official remixes for The Chainsmokers, Pink, Gryffin, and more. In June 2018, they released their debut single “Find Our Way” featuring klei, which ended up making its way onto the radio, earning the BPM Breaker on SiriusXM and more. Millions of streams later, they found their home at RCA where they continue to write their story and choose to live by a singular statement: “We are all Midnight Kids. Let’s tell our story together.”


Connect with Midnight Kids:
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