Beatstream Has Got It Going On!

Audio Streaming Platform Beatstream Fully Launches with New Partnerships & Features

Beatstream is ready to show you what’s up! Audio streaming app Beatstream is a platform without barriers. For example, it has zero setup costs and unbeatable audio quality. The company itself was established prior to the pandemic. However, they invested heavily in the platform during lockdown and have already streamed the First Dance pilot event from Liverpool which attracted listeners from all over the world. We’re so glad companies did everything they could to help us during the pandemic. 
During the launch of Beatstream, they have conducted successful pilot streams. These include The Happy Mondays, Shed Seven, The Blossoms, Graeme Park, and Clint Boon amongst many more. The app now boasts more than 50,000 listeners in 24 countries. Early stats show that 94% of people who buy a ticket for a Beatstream event are still listening at the end, which is a pretty big feat! The platform is adding new features all the time, including integrated paywalls, social media incorporation, and much more. Overall, this is a neat way to listen to music!!!

Music is a social experience, and Beatstream harnesses that.

The platform’s digital transformation of the live music experience has created endless opportunities for musicians. This has been especially during a time where live gatherings of people are restricted all over the world. They’ve allowed artists to share their music with fans throughout all of the lockdown. The Beatstream Live function has not only allowed artists to continue earning whilst music venues have been forced to shut but has also connected fans to their favorite artists.
Video streaming is very popular, however, audio streaming is still vastly preferred in most settings such as house parties. An audio stream allows artists to focus on what they are best at – the music. Even in a world without COVID, this feature has many benefits. Live streaming from clubs will take off once more yet audio-only streaming will remain the first choice simply because network infrastructure isn’t stable enough to allow mass video streaming to be scaled to levels of suitable quality and stability. 

The app itself allows artists and venues to make money, even if everything is closed.

Beatstream allows artists and venues to earn revenue by selling tickets and streaming live performances to an unlimited global audience. This is great because it isn’t limited to location, like most events. It costs nothing to set up, and takes under 10 minutes to go live. This is in stark contrast to the costs and time involved in setting up visual streaming. The complete plug and play solution offers secure streaming that restricts sharing, is available via the app or on desktops, and sits behind an embedded paywall. This is the solution artists have been looking for!! 
These events can be customized any way you want them to be! That paywall is now capable of allowing events to be either free, ticketed, pay what you feel, tip only, or a charitable donation. The customization allows you to truly make your event the way you want it. Tickets are listed via a simple online form and are sold via the Beatstream ticket site, with dedicated technicians setting up each listing. Users earn revenue on each ticket sold via the app, with Beatstream costs starting from only £1 + 15p per hour streamed from each ticket. This can easily be converted into dollars for the American or international streamers
Gotta love those socials.
Of course, any growing network has to think of ways to integrate social media into its apps. As a result, Beatstream is working hard to add event chat and messaging. This isn’t the end of their plans and they plan to continue to upward mobility. This growth has
Social media is also being ever more closely integrated with Beatstream with event chat and messaging recently added and plans for much more in the near future. All of this has led to quick growth for Beatstream. They have been actively engaging partners in the USA and Europe’s 24/7 live music experience covering all genres from country to EDM, gospel to punk, hip hop to jazz. Partnerships have been struck up with the likes of PRS For Music, The Department for International Trade, Music Venue Trust (MVT), and many more to come. 

Matt Walsh, Founder & CEO comments;

“We take the feed straight from the mixing desk so the fans hear the full live experience. They simply buy a ticket, receive a code and sign into the gig on the Beatstream website or App when the doors open. It’s a high-quality audio stream and all the test events have sounded fantastic. The technology has been designed to be simple, it takes minutes to set up at the venue and can be listened to anywhere in the world on many devices.
“Promoters can now sell tickets for people to listen anywhere in the world. This is a new revenue stream which goes beyond a venue’s capacity, it is secure, high-quality and limitless. Fans can now get into ‘sold out’ events or follow their favourite artists around the world. Promoters set the price of the ticket; Beatstream Box Office simply charges a fixed price per stream for the technology cost.”
Beatstream connects fans with live music scenes all over the world! This allows you to be a part of a global family, no matter where you are. For artists, Beatstream allows them to rest safe in the knowledge that fans are getting the best possible experience, all while offering simple and effective ticketing solutions. There really is nothing else like it. Check it out!