Gotta Get That Lineup For Paradise in The Park!

Future Primitive Announces Lineup for Jamie Jones’ Paradise In The Park 

Man, all these lineup announcements have been great lately! It’s been a long 18 months with no dancing, that is for sure! LA party starters Future Primitive are teaming up with Jamie Jones and the beloved Paradise crew to bring back the Paradise in the Park! This concept will take place at a bright new downtown location at Pershing Square on August 23. Today they have announced the lineup for the party featuring some of Jamie’s favorite artists from around the world. 

Jones has invited both modern house royalty and stars of the next generation to join him in the park!!! You’ll love the artists on this bill. It is topped by Paradise mainstay and head of No. 19, Art Department. The lineup deepens with Hot Creations and Relief riser Detlef and Crosstown Rebel’s Berlin by way of Russia upstart Yulia Niko. Finally, a very Hot Special guest will be unveiled closer to the show. This lineup is HOT.


Paradise is Legendary

Paradise has been legendary since 2012. Originally, it was a summer residency at the legendary DC-10, and has since grown into a globally renowned event series. 2020 saw Paradise usher in a new era, moving their Wednesday night party to Ibiza clubbing institution Amnesia. Jamie Jones, house music’s most visible star, has a history that’s intertwined with Los Angeles. For instance, he has spent his time connecting with LA’s Culprit crew in the late 00s and living in the city for much of the last decade. To fulfill his dreams, he debuted Paradise In The Park in Macarthur Park in 2017.

There have been so few opportunities to dance this past year. Los Angelenos are ready to get back out there and dance! It will be great to unite in the heart of downtown. This is the perfect time to reopen as this is the first Paradise global event since 2019. There are more to come in the lineup!!! This is going to be one memorable affair. We’ll see you there.


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