Brain melting reviews for KILL THE SNAILS

Attending the gorgeous, world wide known amphitheater Red Rocks seems pretty incredible on its own. Just add skilled DJs, lasers, graphics out the yazoo, a wicked crowd; and you got broken necks and melted brains at SLUGGTOPIA: KILL THE SNAILS.

This event was the 3rd annual SLUGGTOPIA event at Red Rocks but was my personal first, and I gotta say I am thoroughly impressed. The openers were a perfect fit for the headliners, Kill the Noise and Snails. The artists that stood out the most to us were definitely Sullivan King and Rusko. Sullivan King is a perfect blend of metal and heavy wubz, for all my metal heads and head bangers out there. Rusko, a longtime dub favorite was nothing short of perfect. He was continually versatile and shows why he is such a talented artist.

And of course last but definitely not least, Kill the Noise and Snails b2b as our headliners. Between the gorgeously creepy graphics, their sick laser patterns, fireworks and that sick heavy bass, I lost my mind. The performances were so intense and out of this world. The amount of work they put into this event is obviously insane and it shows. My review of this event is that if you have not been to see the glory that is SLUGGTOPIA, you gotta get on it. SLUGGTOPIA is one of my personal favorites and I’m sure will continue to be. So glad I got my brains melted by SLUGGTOPIA! We’ll be back next year for this incredible event.