Cosmic Blues EP By Shunaji Is Out Now!

‘Cosmic Blues’ EP by Producer & Vocalist Shunaji Out Now

Rapper and singer Shunaji releases her EP ‘Cosmic Blues’ through Solo Recordings. These four beautiful tracks explore our connections to the cosmos, love, and loss. After singles ‘Dirty Girls’ and ‘On My Mind’ ft. My Rugema, Shunaji’s deep and thought-provoking lyrics keep on coming on this new EP. Shunaji’s innovation has been previously recognized by the MOBO Help Musicians Fund and Women Make Music via PRS. ‘Cosmic Blues’ is another step in her exciting experimental hip hop direction.
‘Cosmic Blues’ is arranged  with piano, sax, flute and more in a “horizontal flow”. While some of her previous tracks relied on vertical sample stacking, Shunaji said this time she worked with musicians directly to “interpret demos and arrange them”. This styling gives the entire EP a fantastic rhythm and sound much like a modern jazz set, and her vocals are as crisp and stunning as the rest.
Shunaji explores a range of topics, including ancient cultures who connected the movement of the stars to their own spiritual development. With soul and synthwave vibes, Shunaji takes us on this journey of self-understanding. This UK artist is sure to keep getting attention worldwide with this launch into the celestial waves. If you’re looking for trip-hop that entices the ears and mind, do not miss this new EP.

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