Decadence Colorado Was Such A Treat

To my surprise, I never expected to end up at Decadence CO celebrating the New Year. In my mind, I knew I didn’t want to stay in CA this year and was very open to new adventures with friends. Luckily, some of my friends who are from all over the US had the same idea. Once the lineup dropped, we decided Decadence CO would be the place for us to all come together and share another New Year’s celebration. To say the least… It was the best and most fun decision we all have made. We had Illenium on the lineup, we are all huge fans! But other than the legend himself, there were some other amazing artists like John Summit, Galantis, Skrillex, Of The Trees, Bass Physics (check my exclusive interview HERE!), Zeds Dead and oh so many others! As this was my first time going to Colorado, I was so excited about the whole trip so let me share some more with you…  (All photo credits go to Nick Apostalon.)

DAY 1 

The first day of Decadence was amazing; as soon as I stepped inside, I instantly started exploring the futuristic-themed venue and checked out all the awesome art installations. I was very impressed, to say the least. One of my favorite art pieces was the shipping containers with crazy lights. They made for great photo backdrops with the cool spike ball figures that were hanging down from the ceiling. Getting to and from the two stages was so easy and I didn’t have to worry about missing too much of a set if I wanted to catch an opening.

We got there a bit later than we wanted but that’s ok. We started the night with John Summit, which was the perfect start to the party. All of us got together and immediately the vibes took off! John Summit delivered a great set full of top-tier hits. We all danced together, blew tons of bubbles at all the cool people, and traded Kandi with new friends we met up with. We also caught the end of Subtronics and he gets better every time I see him live. Once done, we headed over to Of the Trees, and LET ME TELL YOU he NEVER disappoints!!! I introduced his music to a few new friends, and they were hooked! He always provides all the positive weird space bass vibes we need to be worms in the crowd. 

DAY 2 

Moving on to Day 2- the first thing that I can remember is how cold it was! I was so thankful that the venue was indoors so we could stay warm and cozy! Overall, I was able to wear some really cute outfits and a nice fluffy jacket that I could take off and hang from my Camelbak.

Today’s lineup was everything and more. I knew I wanted to get there super early to enjoy a full day of the fest. My favorite sets were Mersiv, Dab the Sky which provided those melodic vibes I really needed. The New Year’s countdown by none other than Galantis and it was such a party! I loved how the balloons for the countdown really did cover from front to back and everyone was able to enjoy that ball drop! I was also able to catch the legend Skrillex and holy cow!!! The lasers, the lights, the music, and the vibes were immaculate! It was such a throwback, just really brought back those early hard summer years. We got to hear some classics as well as some fun mashups! At this point, we had been running around, dancing, enjoying the event, and meeting new people left and right, we were sooooo tired but Zeds Dead revived us all with some heavy bass to end this amazing 2-day festival. I couldn’t have asked for a better closer. 

Overall, my experience at Decadence Colorado was amazing! The music, the vibes, and the whole atmosphere were vibrant. If you are ever considering going to Denver for NYE, I highly recommend you go to Decadence. Photos are attached below in a gallery or you can access them from our Facebook page.